August 31, 2021 | Updated: September 30, 2021


The authentic flavour of the Mediterranean comes to La Caracola's tables with Porcelanosa

The restaurant, which opened on the Fuengirola seafront promenade in the 90s, is reviving the traditional seafood cuisine of the region with an overhaul of its premises featuring natural collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

Witness to a host of gastronomic and urban changes over time on Fuengirola's seafront promenade (Paseo Marítimo de Fuengirola) in Malaga and renowned for being a pioneer of this coastal spot, La Caracola restaurant is a living example of the theory of evolution in traditional Andalusian cuisine.

From sea to table with PAR-KER® and XTONE®

The authentic flavour of the sea, captured in every dish by its first chefs, is still there today. It's in their grilled kebabs, squid, clams 'a La Caracola' (a house speciality), grilled prawns and fish rice dishes, which all reflect the seafront family restaurant's meticulous culinary tradition.

Collections by PORCELANOSA Group have been used to link the cuisine of the past with more current textures. Natural finishes that respect the restaurant's original features but give it a modern update: Tanzania Almond ceramic wood flooring by PAR-KER® has been used throughout the interior, and also outside (with the special Antislip finish) along with Butech raised technical flooring and the XTONE® sintered mineral compact.

The same Mediterranean interior design style can also be seen in the white cotton tablecloths, natural wood tables, textile ceiling lighting and minimalist tableware with blue hues. Rafael Ráez worked on the restaurant's redesign, which combines the freshness of the Mediterranean with the more sober look of rocky landscapes. This is especially true of the bathrooms, where large slabs of Aria White Polished (XTONE®) replicate the soft, natural sheen of Carrara marble, used together with Nylo Noir (XTONE®) and Pro-Part profiles by Butech to elevate the intimate look.

A breath of fresh air on every plate.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Interior design: Rafael Raez

Authorship: Rafael Raez

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