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The definitive guide to finding the best kitchen floors

Infinite designs and materials for kitchen floors, to suit the style of every home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and how important it is to know how to choose the materials and the different elements that make it up! With this guide, prepared by Porcelanosa Grupo’s experts, you will discover all the secrets for choosing kitchen floors.

The 8 keys to choosing kitchen flooring

In interior design, the choice of kitchen flooring is fundamental. It is considered a key element in the configuration of the room. In the case of kitchen flooring, the finish and resistance directly affect its use and durability.

1 and 2 . Par-ker® Brussels Ash wood effect ceramic kitchen floor, by PORCELANOSA.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right kitchen flooring:

1. Easy cleaning and maintenance

It is important that the kitchen floor material is resistant to chemicals and stains. This will keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

2. Anti-slip

Kitchen floors with a matt finish reduce the risk of domestic accidents by preventing slips and falls. The kitchen is a room where liquids or drops of water are often spilled.

3. Design

Design is another important factor when choosing flooring, especially in the kitchen. There are different designs that transform the space and give it an original touch, such as kitchens with hydraulic flooring. Kitchens with wooden floors, or ceramics inspired by wood, also have their charm.

You can always opt for a kitchen floor in harmony with the décor or a design that stands out on its own. It all depends on where you want the focus to be.

4. Material

This is a decisive factor in the care, durability and maintenance of kitchen floors. As we have already mentioned, it is important to choose a material that is resistant to wear, stains and chemicals. The different types of stoneware floors are the most recommended, offering aesthetics, resistance and durability.

5. Colour

The colour of the kitchen floor is also a factor to consider. It is important to choose a kitchen floor where dirt is not visible to the naked eye. In any case, it should be taken into account that this is a space where food is handled.

Kitchens with dark or white floors are the least recommendable, as they make the kitchen floor dirty quickly and require more maintenance. On the other hand, lighter or intermediate shades are better options, which hide stains and flaws. For example, kitchens with grey floors are an excellent choice.

1, 2, 3. Kitchen floors XLIGHT Cancun Sand, XLIGHT Liem Grey and Terra Topo, by PORCELANOSA.

6. Amplitude

As well as helping to conceal stains and impacts, colour helps to amplify the space. For floors in small kitchens, choose a light shade. In this way, you will increase the feeling of spaciousness and achieve greater luminosity.

7. Joints

Joints play a very important role in the final appearance of kitchen floors. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the width, recommending a minimum width of 2 mm. The colour should be chosen according to the model chosen and the design of the kitchen.

Porcelanosa Group recommends the use of synthetic resin materials such as Epotech Aqua and Epotech Nature, by Butech. With a wide range of colours, they are resistant to all kinds of stains and cleaning products. In addition, they are waterproof, maintaining the appearance of kitchen floors over time.

8. Large format

Finally, if your kitchen is of a good size, consider choosing large-format pieces. Large pieces usually have no visible joints and enhance the aesthetic value of the space. This is one of the kitchen trends and a very popular type of modern flooring. This can be especially important if you want to create a kitchen with a more modern and sophisticated look.

In short, kitchen floors should fit in well with the room. To do this, take into account the furniture, the lighting and the rest of the decoration. All these elements create a visual coherence in the interior design.

Kitchens with hydraulic floor

The hydraulic tiles rescue that typical interior design of the 50s in Spain, giving dynamism to the space. The hydraulic kitchen floor stands out for its versatile character, as well as creating decorative rugs. This option is excellent for highlighting rooms through the floor. This makes it a great choice for adding a touch of originality and style to your kitchen.

Suelo hidraúlico Antique Silver5 9,6 cm x59,6 cm - Cocina E5.70 Onix Brillo y 5.70 Blanco Emotions Brillo

Antique Silver5 9,6 cm x59,6 cm Hydraulic Floor

Kitchen E5.70 Onyx Gloss and 5.70 White Emotions Gloss

Kitchens with wooden floors

Due to its sensitivity to temperature changes and cleaning products, the use of natural wood in kitchens is limited. However, there are other alternatives in kitchen flooring for lovers of this noble material:

  • Laminate flooring. It is considered a good choice as a kitchen floor to recreate the natural aesthetics of wood. Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is resistant to moisture and wear.
  • Imitation wood tiles. With all their properties and advantages, imitation wood tiles also offer a very realistic design. They faithfully reproduce the grain, knots and rings typical of wood, achieving a natural appearance.

These two alternatives recreate kitchens with wooden floors, while at the same time giving a sense of warmth.

Natural 1L Yukon laminate kitchen floor, by L’Antic Colonial.

Kitchens with vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring in the kitchen offers greater resistance to wear and tear, cracks, dampness (thanks to its impermeability) and stains. Moreover, its capacity to absorb impacts without damaging the flooring makes it a safe option for any home. Kitchens with vinyl flooring are waterproof and washable, so these kitchen floors are easy to maintain.

With a wide variety of finishes, these kitchen floors give a modern and cosy feel to the kitchen environment. You can find vinyl flooring for kitchens with textile inspiration, wood effect, even hydraulic tiles.

Ceramics for kitchen floors

Elegant, functional and durable, ceramic is the ideal flooring material for kitchens. Ceramic has great versatility, and you can find tiles that imitate marble, with a stone effect or wood inspiration (Par-ker®).

The variety of styles and decors of ceramic tiles for kitchen floors is very wide. In addition, ceramic tiles have many advantages over other floor coverings: minimal absorption of liquids, mechanical resistance, among others.

1 and 2. Kitchen with Linkfloor Realm Iberia vinyl flooring, by L’Antic Colonial.

Light grey kitchens

Choosing grey flooring for the kitchen is a good option. With the wide chromatic range that grey offers, this colour adapts to any decorative style. Moreover, kitchens with grey floors are easy to combine. Below, we present some of the ceramic options that you will find in the PORCELANOSA catalogue:

Kitchen with Bottega Acero cement effect floor, by PORCELANOSA.

Kitchen with grey cement-effectflooring. Cement-effect tiles are a prominent trend in interior design. This type of flooring offers an organic and minimalist look. In addition, its use helps to create a pleasant sense of continuity and spaciousness, achieving a simple and timeless style. Bottega Acero is a true reflection of this flooring model.

Karachi Grey stone effect flooring 120cm x120 cm

Wabi kitchen E9.30 Xtone Stuc Ice and E7.90 Oak Alba

Kitchens with grey stone effect floors. This is one of the most expressive decorative options for kitchen floors. Lucerna Silver represents the aesthetics of stone through ceramics.

Suelo porcelánico efecto mármol Fiori di Bosco - Cocina E6.70 Roble Torrefacto

Fiori di Bosco marble-effect porcelain flooring

Kitchen E6.70 Oak Torrefacto

Kitchens with grey marble effect flooring. Marble-inspired kitchen flooring creates luminous spaces with a deep elegance. Decorated with fine veins, the PORCELANOSA collections, such as Indic, capture the appearance of the most exclusive natural marbles.

Suelo efecto metal Steel Acero 120 cm x 120 cm - Cocina R1.90 Clear Burn XTONE Invisible White Polished

Steel Steel Steel metal effect floor 120 cm x 120 cm

Kitchen R1.90 Clear Burn XTONE Invisible White Polished

Kitchen with grey rust metal effect floor. The rust/metal finish is one of the modern kitchen floor types that gives a hint of industrial character. Steel Acero is a representative model of this type of flooring.

Par-ker® Chester Steel metal effect floor

Gamadecor kitchen

Kitchens with grey wood effect floors. They offer an elegant and contemporary combination, conceived as a modern flooring type (Par-ker® Chester Acero). Kitchens with wooden floors have a natural warmth that transforms the space into a cosy area.

Kitchen floors for all tastes

To conclude, as we have already explained, kitchen floors are a fundamental element in this space. Before choosing the model you want, think about your tastes and the general style of your home.

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