July 13, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Residence kitchens: functional aesthetic minimalism

The kitchen is one of the key settings at home, a place where laughter, smells and chats take place around the culinary experience, and it has certainly become a central place in family life, in other words, it is a place where everything happens with creating, feeling and living in mind.

In order to create incomparable experiences in the kitchen, Gamadecor, the firm specialised in kitchen furniture from the PORCELANOSA Group has developed the Residence collection, kitchen models with an impressive personality and character which provide this space with elegance and exclusivity, and where the words “less is more” play a major role. It is with this Residence collection that everything is reduced to the bare essentials: the purest experience in the kitchen.

Aimed at the most demanding projects, Residence stands out because of the fact that plenty of care is taken with its units in very precise details, by making use of the best leading European brand iron fittings, panels coming from sustainable forests, along with being manufactured solely in Spain.

The Residence kitchens are highlighted by their cutting-edge aesthetics and technically superior functionality, and they bank on quality, style and elegance in all their models. In addition to this, the versatility stands out working as the main aesthetic advantage, since it allows for creating texture and colour combinations in a wide range of different laminate and layered finishes (HPL).

Everything in its place with the Residence kitchen collection

Its design has its origin in the purity provided by the minimal style. A simplicity also bound to have a space optimization and facilitate the organization.

The Residence kitchen furniture has a big array of options, featuring both drawer and filing drawer organisers, and also special removable iron fittings to optimize the space in the kitchen furniture. Dividers that, apart from having the objects organised, let us reach all the utensils or food easily at any given moment. Indispensable resources in order to achieve a harmonious atmosphere where both order and practicality dominate.

Additionally, the Residence kitchens offer a wide range of handles. One can choose from metal front handles, built-in metal handles in the front which provide the space with a more modern look, or mechanised handles positioned on the edge which make use of the softforming technology, so that the panel edge is modelled into the desired shape, therefore, a minimalist-styled design of pure lines is achieved.

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