December 31, 2013 | Updated: December 17, 2018


Rehabilitating façades to improve energy efficiency in homes

The rehabilitation of façades to improve energy efficiency in buildings is gaining more and more relevance in architecture. We are aware of this at Butech, and this is why the company that is specialised in building solutions at PORCELANOSA Group has not ceased to develop more and more sustainable solutions with options for ceramic ventilated façades which offer several benefits.

This rehabilitation system is possibly one of the best and quickest procedures for these types of works as it removes all dampness, reduces maintenance costs, allows thermal insulation to be installed, transforms building images and improves energy efficiency by removing cold bridges.

The guarantee of these types of ventilated façades is ensured as the system has been approved worldwide in compliance with the most demanding certificates in the construction sector: Dit in Spain (document of technical approval), Avís Technique in France, the BAA Certificate in the United Kingdom and the Icc in The United States of America.

The rehabilitation of the Joaquín Costa 13 building, in Santander, carried out by the Estudio Diez Magdaleno, in Santander, is a good example of how this new system can transform a building. Porcelanosa, Butech and Venis were in charge of completing this renovation, covering it with 1.500 m2 of ceramic ventilated façade. Thus, its image was restored and the energy efficiency was substantially improved; therefore obtaining a much healthier and efficient building.

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