April 20, 2022


Mediterranean design and sustainability come together in this house in Almería

The Bud Arquitectura studio and the Carman Interiorismo interior design team have created the Pez Rojo house with a structure that blends with the environment and reduces energy losses through the use of wood, a natural thermal insulation system and the PORCELANOSA collections.

Opening to the exterior through a series of compact volumes that emphasise Almería's natural light, the Pez Rojo house combines sustainability and Mediterranean design in each room. This was the approach that Bud Arquitectura applied, in line with the owners' specifications, working with natural materials, optimising energy consumption and using the PORCELANOSA collections.

A passive wooden house that saves energy

With a natural ventilation system that helps to optimise the building's thermal insulation, guaranteeing the same interior temperature throughout the year (from 20 to 22 °C in winter and below 25 ºC in summer), this 450 square metre Passivhaus home produces the energy it consumes thanks to its photovoltaic panels and its SATE system façade, which improves the building's acoustic and thermal insulation and reduces energy loss. "We wanted to give our project all the advantages of custom-made prefabrication and the energy efficiency offered by a passive wooden house," the occupants comment.

Its interior design, by the Carman team, combines the warmth of wood (the main decorative element) with walls in local stone and Porcelanosa's organic textures so that each area is in tune with the natural landscape. This dialogue with the surroundings can be seen clearly on the terrace, whose wood and iron roof has been designed as a continuation of the interior, making the minimalist swimming pool part of the overall design of the property through a subtle combination of light and shade.

To create a sense of continuity between this exposed outdoor area and the privacy of the interior, the Bud Arquitectura studio architects have used PAR-KER® ceramic wood by Porcelanosa on the floor of the porch area. The light colour of these ceramic tiles combines perfectly with the grey surround of the swimming pool, where Core White porcelain by Porcelanosa has been used for the steps and coping.

Open-plan rooms full of natural light

This outdoor garden leads into the ground floor, where we find a kitchen-dining room, whose décor features neutral white and earthy brown, yellow, red and orange, together with wicker furniture. Designed as an open-plan space with three distinct but tastefully combined areas, this part of the house highlights the combination of wood and cement with the Bottega Acero collection by Porcelanosa as the main flooring. Because of their large format and resistance to wear and moisture, these tiles improve safety and enhance the Mediterranean feel of the dining room. They are also the ideal setting for the oval table and hanging raffia lamps at its centre.

The inviting character of these light, spacious rooms is also evident in the kitchen, with the Residence island model by Gamadecor island and integrated household appliances that contribute to a more spacious look.

Bathrooms with ceramic tiles and warm colours to relax

A minimalist metal staircase leads to the upper floor, where the two suites with their respective bathrooms are located. Echoing both Andalusian and Mozarabic design, the blue and pink geometric tiles by Porcelanosa are combined with the firm's Bottega Caliza flooring. The tiles have been fitted using Butech adhesives, grouting and underlay. The company has also produced the built in shower area, creating a spa effect in the bathroom with soft, warm lighting for the user to relax.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Bud Arquitectura

Interior design: Carman Interiorismo

Developer: José Vidal e Hijos

Photo: Hani Fotografía

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