April 8, 2020 | Updated: 3 June 2021

Redecorate your home this quarantine with feng shui

Order, sobriety and natural light are particularly important in this eastern philosophy, which seeks to transmit good vibrations to every corner of the home.

The décor within this style is based on wood, warm colours and natural textures such as linen or plants.

Now that our homes have become offices, schools, gyms, and that we are now spending more time there than ever before, it is important to find peace within ourselves and with our environment. Coexisting and reconciliation are two terms, two actions, that can be somewhat difficult to put into practice during this time of confinement.

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This is why it is important to have well-being at home through natural light, order, serenity, earthy colours, aromas and plants. These are some of the elements that define the feng shui philosophy, the eastern school of thought that seeks to harmonise space through the very objects that define it.

The philosophy’s defence of simplicity and minimalism here takes on a more emotional charge than the Japandi, a style that combines Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian sensibility.

Principles of feng shui

If we look at the root of this expression, the concept “feng” refers to wind and “shui” to water. This philosophy therefore seeks to transfer the positive energy from water, fire or land to every corner of your home.

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However, the basic and most practical concepts of feng shui for the home refer to the internal distribution and energy lines. Here, the notion of qi (chi), the vital energy that objects transmit, is crucial.

For example, it is recommended to position the bed diagonally with respect to the bedroom door.

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Other basic feng shui “rules” recommend that the entrance door to the house open inwards or that the back of the property be higher than the front. Understanding the principles of feng shui is the first step to achieving harmony within spaces.

How to apply feng shui principles at home

Enhancing natural light, painting the main rooms with sober and vibrant tones, placing natural plants in the common areas (living room or hallway), combining old furniture with newer pieces or selecting light fabrics are some key ideas for capturing good vibrations.

As order and cleanliness are two basic principles in feng shui, we recommend that you get rid of everything you do not frequently use and that you empty all drawers, cabinets and shelves of unnecessary objects. It is a case of letting energy flow with no obstacles.

This harmonic balance is particularly important in the hallway. This is why it is necessary for natural light from outside to enter and it is important to place aromatic candles, flowers or a piece of art here that can help to improve your well-being.

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Connecting with the natural elements

Having large picture windows and ventilating the space is often essential for a harmonious living room. Replacing traditional curtains with blinds, painting the walls or furniture beige, white or light grey or placing the sofa in the form of an “L” are some of the keys to activate the chi in your home.

Within this eastern philosophy, water is the symbol of progress and unity. For this reason the toilet lid should always be down and items should be placed in an orderly manner in baskets, towel racks, dishes or shelves.

The bathroom mirror should be located in the washbasin area and it will project a large part of our energy. If you have a window inside the bathroom, we advise you to leave it free and open it whenever you can. If this is not possible, incorporate halogen bulbs into the ceiling so that light falls on the whole space equally.

To achieve this connection with nature, we recommend using cool and sober tones such as blue, green, beige or brown to combine them with wooden or ceramic structures.

Devon Riviera by Porcelanosa

Contrary to the bedroom, where it is not recommended having any mirrors or electronic devices. The most important element in this room is the headboard, which must be far from the door and be in harmony with the colours of the room. The chromatic scale you can use is mauve, lilac, broken white, grey or pink plush.

Large wardrobes, hanging lamps, linen or cotton sheets are some of the resources that will allow you to have a fully feng shui space.

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