January 3, 2022


Tamara Falcó’s Roscón de Reyes

This tasty cake is traditionally eaten as the holiday season draws to a close. The chef explains how to make it step-by-step with PORCELANOSA Kitchens.

The eve of Epiphany is the most magical night of the year. All the family gathers around the table for this convivial occasion, where the children take centre stage, as everyone awaits the arrival of the Three Kings. A meal like this calls for a special dessert, like the classic Roscón de Reyes.

Tamara Falcó, a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu haute cuisine academy in Madrid and winner of MasterChef Celebrity 4, will teach us how to prepare this simple step-by-step recipe in one of the Porcelanosa kitchens, while sharing some amusing memories of “Kings’ Night”.

This seasonal treat originated in Spain but is popular nowadays in many other countries, such as Mexico, France and Portugal. It is made with a sweet dough decorated with slices of candied fruit. As well as being a delicious dessert, the Roscón de Reyes has a surprise concealed within it, usually a bean or a ceramic figurine. According to tradition, the guest who finds this hidden gift is crowned the “king of the party”.

Here is how to make an authentic Roscón de Reyes.


Ingredients for 6 people

Yeast starter:
• 250 g strong flour.
• 150 g water.
• 50 g fresh compressed yeast.

• 450 g yeast starter.
• 700 g strong flour.
• 50 g wheat gluten.
• 200 g sugar.
• 250 g eggs.
• 50 g orange blossom water.
• 50 g of rum.
• 10 g salt.
• 250 g of fresh butter.
• 20 g cold water.
• 50 g lemon rind.
• 50 g orange rind.

• Egg.
• Raw chopped almonds.
• Sugar.
• Orange blossom water.

Preparation (180 minutes):

Yeast starter:

  • Knead all the ingredients together and leave in a covered bowl until the mix approximately triples in size.

Roscón dough:

  • Place the fermented yeast starter in the dough mixer.
  • Add sugar, flour, gluten, orange blossom water, rum, salt, eggs and cold water and start to knead the Roscón de Reyes dough.
  • When the dough becomes thick and heavy, gradually add the butter which has previously been softened at room temperature.
  • When the butter is well mixed in and the dough has a fine texture, add the fresh grated fruit rind.
  • Weigh and shape the cakes.
  • Ferment for 2-3 hours (ideally at 30º and 50% humidity).
  • Brush the surface with egg and sprinkle it with a mixture of sugar, almond and orange blossom water.
  • Bake the half-kilo cakes at 175º for approximately 12 minutes.

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