February 21, 2019


The Pure Line collection by Noken enhances the Wellness experience through hydrotherapy and chromotherapy alike

Its equipment makes user comfort better through greater hydration, along with revitalisation therapies for mind, body and soul.

The Tono collection from Foster+Partners makes it possible to bring the taps from the collection together in their new concealed bathtub option, which is available in three sizes.

Noken, the bathroom firm from the PORCELANOSA Group, has developed new bathtub models for its Pure Line and Tono collections by Foster+Partners. With comfort and personal well-being improvements as the main objectives, these new pieces have enhanced the wellness experience in most of its models.

Disconnection for mind, body and soul

The Pure Line freestanding bathtub has seen its options widened with hydrotherapy and chromotherapy programs. The Pure Line Air design enhances the wellness experience through its whirlpool bath options, where smooth and embracing massages have a positive effect on the user’s body care.

Pure Line Air+ includes hydrotherapy with air and chromotherapy which allow for coloured baths. Mind, body and soul balance.

Life experience with Tono

The renowned Foster+Partners London studio has designed a new piece in its Tono collection for Noken. Its concealed bathtub, made of the Noken Acrylic, is a high-quality sanitary acrylic which is characterised by its white gloss finish. It is available in three sizes: 170cmx70cm, 180cmx80cm and 190cm x90cm. The taps can be included in all of them in their different finishes.

When personal care becomes a must in life.  

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