May 3, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PURE bathrooms by Yonoh: elegance and a wide range of combining options done by KRION® BATH

Purity is one of the features which defines the new KRION® Bath collection best. It has been designed by the Yonoh Valencian studio.  Purity in the lines, in the aesthetically delicate definition of the bathroom pieces, but above all, purity in materiality. Since Pure, the bathroom series manufactured with the Solid Surface from the PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®; not only enjoys the benefits of the authenticity and the natural origin of the mineral compact, but also enjoys its versatility and high performance. Thanks to the technical properties of KRION®, it has become an ideal material for demanding spaces like the bathroom, hence, KRION® Bath, a bathroom equipment range from Systempool, is a success.

However, if there is something that is also amazing about the innovative Pure bathroom collection, then it must be its modularity. Yonoh, in collaboration with the PORCELANOSA Group, has created a completely customisable and custom-made collection. Through a wide range of combining possibilities among its items, Pure adapts perfectly to the bathroom space, by showing the elegance of the fine materials off and a depurated minimalism in the design. Regarding that sinuous item combination, KRION® Bath, for the Pure basin area, offers a freestanding single-bowl, an integrated one, a double-bowl model and a basin with a pedestal. The furniture that comes with them is bathroom furniture which combines open and closed storage areas to provide all necessities with enough space. The collection is completed with a bathtub and different bathroom accessories, such as mirrors and soap dishes, as well as other additional storage pieces.

Pure’s essence

Through Pure, the modern bathrooms mix and combine various finishes to provide them with a “custom” and distinctive personal touch, which goes beyond having the unit customised. Ranging from top-quality wood for the furniture in a white natural oak and walnut finish, to metal accessories and features in a copper finish which embellish the main items manufactured with KRION® even more, such as the basin bowls, countertops, bathtubs and complementary items. All of them enjoy the resistance and durability of the acrylic stone, as well as its easy maintenance and cleaning, and its malleability and practical abilities.

Yonoh Studio

Yonoh is a design studio founded in 2006 by Clara Portillo and Álex Selma, two talented Valencian industrial designers with a high-level of professionalism. By joining their creative concerns together and striving for a common goal, they mostly work on the following projects: product design, graphic design and interior design. Yonoh conceives projects which are different from the others because of their simplicity and functionality, and they also exude freshness and uniqueness. Since Yonoh designs with its own personality and because of its great talent and excellence, it has already been awarded with several internationally renowned design prizes, such as the Red Dot, IF Design Award, Good Design or the Wallpaper Design Award, among others.

Together with the PORCELANOSA Group, the studio has already collaborated in different moments. This time, the result is Pure, a series which combines creativity and versatility with the quality and excellence of a material as KRION® is.

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