January 9, 2015


Projects PORCELANOSA Group: Hotel One Shot Recoletos 04, Madrid

An ancient residential building located in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood, in central Madrid, is the place chosen by the One Shot chain to establish its new boutique hotel that audaciously combines the charm of early XX century designs with modern hues, thanks to the careful work of the Las 2 Mercedes studio, under the leadership of Mercedes Valdenebro and Mercedes Peralta, who were able to capture the historical essence of the building to merge it with new generation materials and works of contemporary artists.

That way, One Shot Recoletos mixes high ceilings with mouldings, recovered furniture, bright coloured oil paintings, noble materials and KrionÒ new generation compact mineral. In addition, the hotel management has transformed the passageways, staircases and common areas of the hotel into a gallery exhibiting photographs, sculptures, and paintings that can be acquired by the guests.

Their 61 rooms where the spontaneous and creative character of this art loving hotel chain is felt offer the guests a luxurious stay with full attention to details.  The natural wood flooring Mini Eden Camel from L’Antic Colonial is used to create comfortable rooms.

In turn, two of the Krion® Bath by Systempool series have been used for the en-suite bathrooms. That way, the majority of rooms have baths and hand basins with chrome frame and incorporated towel rail from the Epoque collection that uses innovative material with vintage designs.  The baths and washbasins from the Almond de Systempool collection, also made using Krion® have been chosen for the most exclusive suites of the hotel.  This collection is characterised by its sculptural design with suggestive smooth and rounded shapes.

Belonging to a family-run chain, One Shot Recoletos is the second hotel of the company that already used PORCELANOSA Group materials in their first opening, One Shot Prado 23, also in Madrid.  Continuing with this expansion process, One Shot prepares coming openings of its new establishments in Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla and London that will also have the same philosophy of its two first boutique hotels.


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