March 20, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Projects PORCELANOSA Group: Tony Macaroni restaurant, Edinburgh (Scotland)

The Italian food restaurant chain Toni Macaroni has counted on the quality of PORCELANOSA Group materials to create a friendly atmosphere in a new restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh with a style that blends tradition and cutting-edge design.

Thus, in the lounge area, a modern look has been sought after by contrasting elements in black and white. To do this, Porcelanosa Antique Black porcelain floor tiles  have been used which have a beautiful design inspired by the hydraulic tiles from the early twentieth century.

The touch of freshness comes on the heels of the new generation solid surface developed by the company, which has been used with the tables, in the drinks bars and in the takeout order collection counter. The backlit wall presiding space is also made with Krion®. It is divided into three sheets: in the central one the Prosecco Bar logo appears, as in the sides with a drawn twisted ribbon lattice.

Additionally, to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the premises, the bathrooms are equipped with a combination of Park Silver Porcelanosa ceramic wall tiles and their Park Lineal Silver textured version. For the floors the Park Silver porcelain floor tiles have been used, combined with the pattern and decorated with Antique hydraulic motifs, all from Porcelanosa.

Finally, for their aesthetic versatility and ability to ensure adequate hygienic conditions in the area of basins of both bathrooms a Krion®worktop was installed, and made to measure to maximize the space available.

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