April 5, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Krion® Solid Surface at the E. Leclerc Shopping Centre, Ville le Grand, France

The well-known French supermarket chain, E.Leclerc, has banked on the Krion® Solid Surface by the PORCELANOSA Group for one of its latest openings. It is the new outlet in Ville le Grand, on the French border with Switzerland.

The huge arctic glaciers have served as inspiration for the interior design studio, Beatrice Oreal, with Erwan Sauvetre as the architect who, is overseeing the development of a concept of interior design in which volumetry is combined with a combination of light and shadows, which creates a "skin" surrounding the perimeter of the establishment’s inside.

Krion® Solid Surface for the indoor wall tile

The large pieces from the Krion® acrylic stone are used as indoor wall tiles and create a composition with a high visual impact.

Due to the creative versatility of this material and its properties to be backlit, this material becomes a focal point of geometric shapes and visual depth. The result is a total surface area of 300 metres of product lines that accompanies the user's experience in their purchases.

The purity of Krion® in its Snow White colour has allowed the interior design studio, Beatrice Oreal, to achieve a distinguished and characteristic effect that refers to the reflection of snow with sunlight, visible from any point in the commercial premises.

Infinite uses for a material with maximum versatility

The adaptability of the Krion® Solid Surface and its capacity for customisation make it an ideal material for using in all types of wall tiles with a unique creative bonus. Whether in ventilated facades or bathrooms, or in creating all kinds of furniture or kitchen countertops, this acrylic stone has established itself as a solution which is now increasingly valued by architects and designers alike.

A commitment on high performance and maximum durability, perfect for contract projects that require large amounts of cutting edge design and innovation.

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