November 14, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Projects: Facade of the Museo del Jade museum, San José, Costa Rica

Architect Diego Van der Laat has been inspired by the natural geometry of a vein of uncut jade for the design of the new Museo del Jade museum in San José, Costa Rica. This is a spectacular project of over 6,000 square metres in which the materials and construction systems of Venis and Butech shape the unique facade of the building.

During the execution of the project, Butech was in charge of undertaking the technical study for the creation of the facade’s structure, as well as supplying all the ceramic materials for the coverings of a surface of over 4,000 square metres.

Planned as two independent buildings, joined to each other by various walkways at different levels, the original volume of the construction recreates a block of stone which contains a vein of jade at its centre. With this technical solution, natural light reaches the interior of the building through its central parting, making the area shine with a greenish illumination reminiscent of the semiprecious stone.

To achieve a more realistic effect, the Ston-ker® Brazil Natural ceramic covering by Venis has been installed in a vertical position in the facade; a ceramic material with a similar look to natural stone, simulating the characteristic colour and veining of the green mineral.

Belonging to the National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica, the Museo del Jade brings together the most valuable collection of jade, ceramic and archaeological remains in the country. With over 7,000 pieces belonging to different cultures which have populated the Central American country throughout history, this museum is considered to be one of the main promoters of Costa Rican culture, and an essential place to visit in San José.

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