May 24, 2022


Well-being and sustainability define the architecture of the Colegio Mayor Saomar in Valencia (a residential college)

This university residence has incorporated PORCELANOSA collections to improve its energy efficiency and make the academic environment healthier.

University residences have changed completely over the last few years and are now seen as places to live and interact with others rather than the traditional study spaces that prevailed in the last decade.

To achieve this architectural transformation, new facilities increasingly feature shared areas and light-filled rooms that face outwards, crossed ventilation systems and natural materials that improve students’ concentration and well-being. This is the main idea that Mas Millet Arquitectos used during the renovation of the Colegio Mayor Saomar in Valencia.

Located in the heart of the city centre (Calle de Pizarro, 7) and with direct connections and numerous ways to access university campuses, this residence features a dynamic and inclusive design to encourage social interaction and well-being using the PORCELANOSA Group collections.

A modern, bright and functional residence

The building is constructed around a lower central courtyard, which all the rooms look out on to (offices, study rooms, common rooms, kitchen, laundry room and dining room). The interior has been decorated in a style that is full of life, with a predominance of green, yellow, blue and brown tones. It features a chromatic palette that defines the hall and social areas and encourages students to engage in active study, but also to relax and enjoy university life.

This Nordic interior design with Mediterranean touches widely features Manhattan (PAR-KER ®) ceramic wood, which has been used throughout the school’s main floor and is attached using Butech adhesives, joints and self-levelling crucibles. This flooring gives greater warmth to the common rooms, bedrooms and main bathrooms, increasing students’ safety due to its resistance and anti-humidity properties (low porosity and non-slip nature). These latter areas also feature Noken suspended furniture (Marne collection) and washbasins from the same collection. “The rooms have been designed for study, rest and personal hygiene. The design makes optimum use of the space, and thanks to the warmth of the materials used and the distribution of light, the sensation is that of a comfortable hotel. Mas Millet Arquitectos

Using design to improve energy efficiency

The use of Manhattan ceramic flooring has made the building more energy efficient, which was the main objective set by Mas Millet Arquitectos when they decided to make the building more architecturally sustainable. “Sustainability is one of the central points of the project. We wanted to update the residence entirely and turn it into one of the best buildings of its kind in Valencia. That’s why we decided to change both the interior and exterior of the building and incorporate intelligent lighting and card access systems for rooms”, explained the architects.

The building’s facade has also been updated using glass sections that have been integrated into the original design. “Both the ground floor and the first floor have been completely opened up to the outside world, inviting everyone who passes by to see the activities taking place in the public areas of the residence”, added Mas Millet.

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Architecture: Mas Millet Arquitectos

Photo: Silvia García Alonso

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