March 17, 2023


JMFERRERO {H}OME, an elegant, haute couture-inspired home

The world of tailoring, fabrics and textures are part of the house

The apartment of José Manuel Ferrero, the creative director of estudi{H}ac, reflects in every detail his philosophy and passion for the world of couture. A 120 m2 house in which 50% is set aside for communal areas and the rest for the private part of the property.

La pasión por la moda se observa en la entrada de la casa, un espacio abierto y más oscuro que el resto de las estancias, revestido de madera (L’Antic Colonial), que hace referencia a los antiguos talleres de sastre con ese punto de elegancia. The rest of the spaces have been connected with concealed cupboards, for greater storage capacity.

Next to the entrance, there is a small work space where José Manuel Ferrero takes advantages of his free time and creative moments, adorned with a prototype mirror that has been specially designed for the house and representing the explosion of ideas for the development of his projects, combined with his family life.

One of the most vivid spaces is the open-plan living room-kitchen, an area with natural light for enjoying with family or friends. La zona del comedor se fusiona con la mesa redonda de piedra (L’Antic Colonial) combinada con el mundo de las texturas y con el efecto tridimensional en la pared que envuelve el salón, haciendo alusión a las torres de bobinas de hilo.

The guest bathroom is an ensemble in which the purity and simplicity of the stone-effect ceramic (Ars Beige Nature XLIGHT from Porcelanosa) combines with the Aro collection designed for Krion.

And finally, the wooden panelling on the wall leads into the dressing room and private bathrooms, a space with a mix of textures that blends indigo green marble, nature and perfume, the most intimate corner of the apartment.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Interior design: Estudi{H}ac jmferrero

Photo: Luis Beltrán

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