July 14, 2023 | Updated: July 19, 2023


Design comes to life at ESNE's new campus in the heart of Madrid

The educational centre expands its campus in the heart of the Spanish capital with more than 5,000 m2 and five new floors.

The extension of the campus of the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE) was designed by architect Enrique Barrera of In Design We Trust. The building is a tower resting on two v-shaped pillars, where the offices and classrooms with a minimalist yet fresh design are located.

Products and materials from different PORCELANOSA Group firms have been used in the construction of the common areas, and in the hall, corridors and staircases. An XTONE model has been laid as flooring in the main foyer, while Krion® K-Life 1100 has been used for the customisation of the counter and washbasins in the bathrooms, projecting a modern and clean image.

In the common areas of the ESNE extension project, the application of the Bottega collection (Porcelanosa) in the Acero finish for corridors and stairs is particularly notable. The facilities are fully automated, with energy efficiency being an important component of the building's design.

Another aspect of the project that should be highlighted is that all the spaces are characterised by their great natural lighting and usability, providing comfort to the university community.

PAR-KER® wood-effect paving has been laid on the outdoor terrace on the roof of the building, conveying tranquillity and warmth. With the extension of the space, the new campus has created new rooms, such as an indoor garden and an open-air classroom.

The cardinal points integrated into the building's signage serve to understand the way in which the interior of the school is configured. Classrooms are oriented towards the north, as this is the part where an atmosphere of silence and study can be found. Common areas face south, as the place where students spend most of their free time and share experiences.

The new ESNE campus is undoubtedly a place indeal for the exchange of knowledge and experience between teachers and students.

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