November 27, 2018 | Updated: November 29, 2018


Pro-skirting by Butech: the technical evolution of the decorative baseboard

Visual continuity in PAR-KERTM floor tiles

Among the different Pro-skirting options, wood-inspired baseboards stand out. These are reproduced with great accuracy by PAR-KERTM ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa. The available designs are: Oxford, Ascot, Manhattan and Delaware. The homogeneous and continuous effect of the floor tile which, reinforces its resistance due to its aluminium composition.

The skirting boards by Butech have a uniform aesthetic that shows the finish on each of the sides that remain visible, achieving compact sets. The special pieces avoid the use of mitre joints, which contributes to improving the finishes and enhancing the continuous effect of the pieces.

Practical solutions for design spaces

The Butech baseboards can be custom-made, and what is more, they are easily transported and installed due to their lightness. They also have some rear anchors which help with their placement.

In addition, the tabs that are located on the back of the baseboard are distributed so that the wiring passes through to the rooms inside. Building efficiency.

Light Halos with Pro-skirting Led

Pro-skirting Led is an illuminated skirting board with an indirect line of light. The lighting point brings fluidity to the rooms with the feeling that the walls are hung up in the air.

Useful elements for neat spaces.

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