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Premium kitchens with the PORCELANOSA Group seal

The large-format ceramic, the marble-effect porcelain tile and the PAR-KERTM ceramic parquet are some of the materials that stand out for building spacious and practical design spaces.

The company, Gamadecor, banks on neutral white tones to enhance continuity, as well as dynamism in all its kitchens.

Following the philosophy of total design that PORCELANOSA Group has championed from the get-go, the kitchens offered by this company stand out because of their colour harmony and technological advances alike. Two values which enhance the Premium collections from Gamadecor (the company dealing with kitchens from PORCELANOSA Group), whose main structures are based on the HIGHKERTM large-format ceramic, the XTONE surface and the sustainable materials such as the KrionTM mineral compact, whose composition is not only recyclable and ecological, but also antibacterial, easy to clean and with zero porosity.

In order to create a 100% PORCELANOSA Group kitchen, we can find four models with the most exclusive pieces from its eight companies below.

Minimalist and bright kitchens

The Wabi E9.30 kitchen from Gamadecor with the XTONE worktop, and the E9.30 Stark White Nature kitchen, are two models which can be included in those kitchens that follow a minimalist aesthetic based on black or white tones. The strength of these colours is enhanced with the Bianco Pulido collections from Porcelanosa, whose 58.6cm x 118.7cm format can be found in the HIGHKERTM large-format Premium ceramic.


Scandinavian style kitchens

Pure white, wood, open spaces, brick walls and cast iron furnishing and lamps; just some of the key principles which define Scandinavian style. In order to design a Nordic kitchen, PORCELANOSA Group offers several materials like white and grey as the leading colours. One of them is the E3.70 Blanco Glass kitchen from Gamadecor, which can be combined with the Nobu Arce Par-Ker ceramic parquet or the Bottega Acero collection from HIGHKERTM in a matt finish. We are dealing with an L-shaped kitchen with an open structure consisting of transparent glass tiles and a natural wood worktop that provides this kitchen structure with continuity.


Urban kitchens

The E6.90 Roble Alba kitchen from Gamadecor is one of the best models for giving shape to these urban-styled kitchens. They combine the stone and cement structures with some fine materials such as wood and marble. This combination of tones and textures is achieved with the Nantes Acero series from Porcelanosa (HIGHKERTM) in a matt finish, to which one can also add glass or methacrylate shelves, galvanised steel lamps and velvet or silk fabric.


The main advantage offered by the E6.90 Roble Alba kitchen is that all its pieces and storage drawers are practically invisible. Manufactured with Roble Alba wood, the areas for appliances are integrated into the kitchen furniture and are hidden from all the work areas.

Vintage kitchens with a geometric base

The straight lines and geometric volumes lead the way in these types of kitchens, where the XTONE large-format porcelain tile along with the Prada Acero series from Porcelanosa covers the central island set. The XTONE large-format porcelain tile, with a thickness of 12mm, is one of the most solid materials for the construction of worktops because of its hygiene, waterproofing, easy cleaning and the resistance to chemicals and scratches.


Despite seeming like a loom, consisting of small pieces, this rectified single fired wall tile is made up of large pieces from the HIGHKERTMPrada Acero collection.

New designs and flavours.

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