June 14, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Premium kitchens manufactured with XLight: quality and design in wall tiles for spaces with character

A space which is both demanding and with character, just as a kitchen is, needs a unique and resistant material in order to cover walls and the backsplash.

PORCELANOSA Group offers exclusive high-performance ceramic wall tiles which achieve a perfect long-lasting result while providing an avant-garde design.

Xlight Emotion: the ideal ceramic design for the kitchen

Urbatek considers the large-format extra-slim porcelain tile as the ideal choice for the kitchen. For this, from inside its wide range of XLight, Urbatek comes up with the Xlight Emotion Bone version, in other words, a unique metal-effect relief inspired by 3D papers. Its textured metal surface provides a sophisticated shine, and, like the rest of the XLight range, it allows for reducing the joints in its installation, thus suggesting homogeneity.

In addition to the XLight Bone, the Emotion porcelain tile by Urbatek has two more finishes which are both aesthetically fine and perfect for being applied in kitchen wall tiles: XLight Emotion Snow and XLight Emotion Dark. There are different colour tones in the very same 3,5 mm extra-slim porcelain tile, and with a 100×300 cm large format, which together become a must when conceiving a unique exclusive and functional space.

The Xlight Emotion wall tiles by Urbatek turn out to be ideal for contemporary practical and minimalist atmospheres, whose aim is providing either the corner or the kitchen backplash with a distinctive touch. This version belongs to the selection of exclusive products from the PORCELANOSA Group, in other words, the Premium Collection. A never-ending and wide range of possibilities regarding architecture and interior design from the Grupo’s eight firms, committed to offering both the highest quality and the most incredible level of style.


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