October 15, 2019


Prado Pozuelo Project: a building by César Frías that respects nature’s footprint

This residential house is in the middle of a grove. It creates dynamic curves which offer a front with an innovative design.

The Par-ker and Ston-Ker floorings from Porcelanosa enhance both the inspiration and the respect for nature.

The MORPH Estudio company, managed by the architect César Frías, is one of those which have been selected by the 12th Porcelanosa Awards jury members as a finalist in the category of Best Project of the Year. His design, Prado Pozuelo, is located in the heart of nature and is surrounded by trees. A facade that blends in with the landscape in a 20.000 square-metre area, while preserving its orography with curved terraces at different levels.

The 43 homes divided into eight entrance halls have 43 storage rooms, 133 parking spaces and spaces for motorbikes. The interior has been thought up as a large garden area full of trees including a sports court and a paddle tennis court, community premises, a running area, an area for children and for pets as well. There is also a lake which collects water from the pool and the rain.

Integral nature

The leitmotif of the building is focused on nature, the interior and the exterior. The latter is thought up as a complement to the landscape which leaves room for the trees while combining their shapes, resulting in a unique facade. In the houses, the ceramic inspired by natural wood covers the flooring, therefore providing comfort and the necessary resistance for everyday life, while preserving harmony with the atmosphere. The Parker porcelain tile from Porcelanosa can be found in the overall flooring, as well as in the kitchens and the bathrooms.

It is the terraces where one can find the same ceramic wood floor tile combined together with the Ston-Ker Extreme negro 4m-thick model. High resistance and long-lasting properties which go hand in hand with the natural trend of the set.

Solar lighting and ventilation through a stream of natural air enhance environmental friendliness in a project which brings innovation and nature together.

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