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Give your bathroom an update with practical furniture solutions by Porcelanosa

Bathrooms call for original ideas when it comes to gaining space and order. This is especially true of smaller ones, where you can achieve a feeling of unlimited space when you use modular furniture and minimalist décor.

In a small bathroom, your décor and layout of your accessories play a key role, and can enhance - or hinder - this feeling of unlimited space. Choosing neutral floor or wall tiles, and incorporating wall-mounted units or washbasins are some of the ideas we'll look at to turn your bathroom into your own personal comfort zone.

Set with Soft Noche Ghost + Roble Puro Gamadecor Porcelanosa-1

Soft Noche Ghost + Roble Puro Gamadecor

The best units for smaller bathrooms

The first thing you need to do to make your small bathroom more spacious and practical, is analyse the layout of the room and take your measurements so you can find the right furniture.


Next Etimoe Ice

Choosing your handles

In smaller bathrooms, a functional handle will help you to organise the objects inside with next to no effort.

Fase 80 cm bathroom unit

Drawers, a practical solution

If you want to make the most of your space, place wide drawers under your washbasin. You'll achieve a flawless aesthetic, and you'll be able to see all your bathroom utensils easily.

The advantages of wall-mounted units

Wall-mounted units make every inch of your space cleaner, and add to the sense of depth by opening up the floor space underneath. These pieces are more adaptable to your own bathroom because they take up much less space, and you can customise your own design.

Liem Nogal bathroom furniture / Arena Noken
Beige Krion Smart countertop unit 80
Krion Shell + Waves single unit + Krion One countertop Porcelanosa
Krion Shell + Waves single unit + One countertop Krion
Up bathroom unit Gamadecor
Smart 100 IZQ countertop unit. Blanco Krion Porcelanosa-2
Smart countertop unit 100 IZQ. White Krion
Krion Shell + Krion Waves double unit Porcelanosa
Krion Shell + Krion Waves double unit
Up bathroom unit Gamadecor
Nature wall cabinet with mirror / Noken bathroom vanity cabinet

These qualities run through Gamadecor's Up furniture range, as well as Noken's Lounge and Smart, and Pure (designed by Yonoh) and One by Krion. Featuring a minimalist design and clean lines, these models stand out for their practicality, ample storage capacity and design, as well as the way in which they can be customised in a variety of colours and finishes.

How to get the best layout in a smaller bathroom

The trick to gaining space in your bathroom is to approach the layout of the elements in a rational, balanced way. Next we'll look at some tips for updating your bathroom and keeping it obstacle free.

  • Use lighter colours to make the space brighter. Colours such as white, beige, grey, light blue and brown create a warm, natural aesthetic and make the room feel more spacious.
  • Keep the centre free. We suggest placing your shower, washbasin and shelves at the side or corner.
  • Get a large bathroom mirror. A large mirror will add a sense of depth to your bathroom. Circular, rectangular, backlit or frameless, this piece will brighten up your bathroom and let its personality shine through.
  • Get the right elements for your space. Your toilet, washbasin, shower or bath should be proportional to the space. It's much better for go for smaller, modular furnishings that aren't too big for your bathroom's dimensions.
  • Opt for minimalist décor. To make your bathroom feel more spacious, use neutral, earthy shades to unite your walls and floors, mix it up with textured wall tiles, use open shelving, try a geometric washbasin, or use a glass panel to separate your shower from the other units.
  • Sliding doors. Use these doors to optimise space in the bathroom and unite the room with the rest of your property with an extendable structure that results in less separation between the zones.

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