November 10, 2020


PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition: Noken's new bathrooms combine well-being and sustainability with more natural designs

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has launched two new bathroom collections that reuse renewable bio-derivatives products to put an end to marine pollution.

The bathrooms are some of the most prominent spaces in the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition, the online fair by PORCELANOSA Group showcasing the main new developments from its eight firms.
During this 360º tour through the world's fashion capitals, the Noken bathroom firm has showcased new products in which sustainability and well-being are combined through a sensory design based on neutral tones and ergonomic pieces.

Premium bathrooms for all types of projects

One of the new collections that the firm is presenting for the 2020-2021 season is Finish Studio, an aesthetic line comprising hand-painted washbasins, bathtubs, toilets and shower trays, whose versatility makes them easy to install in all types of projects.

Available for the round washbasins Slender, the bathtubs Liem, Arquitect, Lounge, Pure Line, Tono and Koan, the toilets Acro Compact, Lounge, Forma and Arquitect or the shower tray Slate, Finish Studio is a design tool that can be customised according to the needs of each project.

Slate shower trays Noken Porcelanosa-3
Slate shower tray
Finish Studio Slender washbasins Noken Porcelanosa-1
Finnish Studio- Slender washbasins
Slate shower tray Noken Porcelanosa-1
Slate shower trays
Finish Studio bathtubs
Slate shower tray Noken Porcelanosa-2
Slate shower trays
Finish Studio Acro Compact 49 washbasins Noken Porcelanosa
Finnish Studio Acro Compact washbasins

Noken also expands the chromatic possibilities of Oxo (2020 IF Design Award) with taps, shower heads, countertops, shelves and integrated washbasins that combine XTONE surfaces and lend greater safety and hygiene to spaces.

This Premium bathroom collection is defined by its subtle lines and sustainable composition, especially in its taps, which incorporate a flow limiter so water consumption does not exceed 5 l/min.

Greater sustainability and safety in the bathroom with WaterForest

A goal shared by the shower trays Light Stone and Mineral Stone. Part of the WaterForest range, the pieces in the first series have three different finishes (white, black and grey) and their installation improves the safety of spaces due to their non-slip surface. Qualities that the model Zen improves upon with a lightweight, extra-flat design with a concealed drain which is merged with the general floor of the bathroom.

Zen shower trays

Made of a natural calcium carbonate mass, which recycles the surplus from white marble quarries, and recycled products, with the shower trays Mineral Stone and products in the WaterForest collection you can create more spacious and hygienic spaces that make it possible to save up to 89% of water.

Thanks to its properties CustomCUT, each model can be cut to size and the installation can be adapted to the needs of every project. It can even improve projects thanks to its chemical resistance and antibacterial properties and the fact it is easy to repair and clean.

View all these new features in the interactive catalogue

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  1. How do you clean the hair and debris easily from a zen shower tray? Can the waste section under the slab be removed?

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