November 9, 2020 | Updated: June 8, 2023


PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition: The architecture of the future is shaped by Butech's industrialised solutions

PORCELANOSA Group's firm is refining its industrialised Unit-Systems designed for more efficient and sustainable construction.

The Butech firm from PORCELANOSA Group has accelerated its productive transformation with more advanced and eco-friendly technology solutions. The investments made in digitalisation and R&D&I have established this company as one of the leaders in the manufacture of industrialised bathrooms (Monobath) and building envelopes (Modfaçades). In addition, its drainage system for swimming pools and terraces (Pool-Deck) improves the impermeability of each project thanks to its innovative composition.

New developments in industrialised construction and energy management

In pursuit of industrialised construction and environmental architecture, Butech has presented two systems at the PORCELANOSA Virtual Exhibition, which shorten lead times and improve the livability of buildings.

The first is Monobath, an industrialised bathroom system within the Unit-Systems range that allows for the installation of complete units in hotels, residences, hospitals or homes.

The main advantage that these types of systems offer compared to others is the reduction in execution times and the personalisation of each element with the PORCELANOSA Group collections.

MONOBATH information manual 

As Monobath is manufactured directly by Butech, it can offer greater guarantees, because the products are directly examined by Butech's quality experts. This exhaustive control allows for better monitoring of each product to ensure it works and is installed properly. And, by making use of the waste and compounds from other industrial processes, their manufacture and installation reduce the environmental footprint and promote more sustainable construction (producing 20% less waste).

The second new feature that Butech presents at this fair is the XTONE façade system. This hidden anchoring mechanism allows you to install any Urbatek 6 mm laminated porcelain collection on the building envelope, and it enhances the thermal and acoustic insulation of each space.

 Another innovative product that will also be displayed at this fair is the Pool-Deck drainage system. This is a prefabricated drainage channel for swimming pools and terraces, with a polyurethane finish makes every space more resistant and hygienic, and its special coating protects it from UV rays.


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