April 20, 2020



Porcelanosa has postponed the event until 2021 as a result of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

Projects presented to date will be valid for next year’s event and contestants will not have to redo them with a new approach.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted many of the competitions, galas and other events planned for the second half of 2020. These include the thirteenth edition of the Porcelanosa Awards. The event, which has been held continuously since 2007 and whose annual award ceremony brings together leading international figures in architecture, interior design and design, has been postponed until 2021 as a result of the current health emergency.

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“Given the current state of uncertainty and the global scope of the pandemic, we have been forced to suspend the Thirteenth Porcelanosa Awards. Having studied all possible scenarios, we have agreed that this difficult decision, which we much regret, is the only responsible option. We trust our guests will understand the need for this measure, because the priority now is to protect people’s health and safety. We look forward to seeing you in 2021”, say company sources.

The PORCELANOSA Group has taken this difficult and drastic decision after analysing the global situation caused by the health crisis. In this complicated scenario, uncertainty about when borders will open or which group events will be allowed makes it especially difficult to ensure the health and safety of our guests, which must always be the most important consideration for the brand.

For all these reasons, the Thirteenth Porcelanosa Awards have been postponed until next year and the work and projects presented will be valid in the following edition. The Porcelanosa Group organisation will resume coordination once the situation stabilises and will make every effort to ensure that the Thirteenth Awards are held with all the precautions set out in safety protocols. New dates for registration, delivery of projects and the gala dinner will be publicised through official announcements, the website and social media, as and when the Company considers appropriate.

The same project, the same spirit

The organisers have taken into account the efforts made by participants who have already registered or completed their projects and, for this reason, the theme of “Design of the Future” will continue to be “A hotel lobby”. The period established for completion of work on “Design of the Year” will be extended. Completed projects can thus be reviewed and any changes that the authors deem appropriate can be made, while there will be almost a year to complete projects where work is still in progress. “We are aware of the hard work and enthusiasm of all those who decide to participate in our event and that’s why we will keep all the projects presented to date intact. In these difficult circumstances, we must all adapt to the reality of the moment and make it as easy as possible for everyone to work,” company sources point out.

Participants who have already registered do not need to re-register, as Porcelanosa will keep their details and projects until next year’s event.

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