July 14, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The Porcelanosa showroom in Milan hosts the presentation of Starwood

The international route taken by Starwood has finally arrived in Milan, which is also known as being the capital city of fashion, and there, the PORCELANOSA Group shared an experiential and exclusive event, the new Starwood range in Italy.

Through various vertical screens, and an atmosphere that resembled deepest nature; architects, interior designers, along with renowned decorators from the city, and regular clients of the firm, all discovered at first-hand the product’s origins and its technical characteristics, together with the tribute that this firm wanted to pay to the craftsmen, who have created real masterpieces with their very own hands, and this was also included in the tribute by the firm.This material, full of natural inspiration, is the result of a painstaking investigation, and numerous tests on up to 4000 textures and 1500 trees, along with 8 months of traveling all over the world in search of the most unique of materials. Creating a product like so which reflects wood as naturally as can be, together with all its knots in perfect harmony, and at the same time, showing elegance and exclusivity. As everything happens for a reason, and from the heartwood to the bark of each of the knots are made with the aim of portraying nature in its most practical form.Natural inspiration for indoors and outdoorsMost of the one hundred professionals present in the Porcelanosa Group showroom in Milan were quite fascinated with the sumptuousness of the graining and the textures, along with the versatility of this ceramic material. As Starwood can be used for both indoors and outdoors, it now withstands damp and wet conditions, thanks to its ceramic features. There are four different models: Nebraska, Minnesota, Vancouver y Tanzania, and with a total of 12 colours.In this way, the latest creation from the PORCELANOSA Group has been seen by the public and professionals, this after the last event which was held in New York with the purpose of overcoming barriers and making the product seen and known by professionals all across the world.

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