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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Domaine Louise, an oasis in French Provence

Nestled in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the properties on this residential complex have been adorned with the Premium collections from this company.

Comprising five exclusive villas, the facilities include a spa, swimming pools and gyms and the complex enjoys access to boat trips along Sylvabelle beach.

Comprising five exclusive villas and in-keeping with the traditional architecture of Provence with its pink limestone, high lofted ceilings, stone floors, aged wood and lavender blue façades, the Domaine Louise complex maintains these attributes, making it a cinematographic haven.

Located in La Croix Valmer, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (France), this 10-hectare resort has made use of some of the Premium collections from PORCELANOSA Group to preserve the exotic air so characteristic of the French coast.

6 Hotel villas residencial Domaine Louise Porcelanosa

The vivid colours of the Côte d’Azur

Villa Louise, located in the centre of this complex, spans more than 1000 square metres and it boasts materials such as XLight Stark White porcelaine from Urbatek. Its light and texture, inspired by natural stone, perfectly blends with the vegetation typical of the Côte d’Azur

The purity of the white contrasts in a balanced way with the signature Lounge taps from Noken, designed exclusively by the Italian architect Simone Micheli. The straight and sinuous forms are reminiscent of neoclassical bathrooms, with a more modern touch thanks to their metallic or matte finishes.

14 Hotel villas residencial Domaine Louise Porcelanosa

An aesthetic line that continues in the main kitchen. Emotion 4.70 from Gamadecor provides an open structure that invites us to use the space as a room for gathering. Its harmonic structures and oak furniture sustain the stately design of Provence, using brown and grey tones.

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The swimming pool area also harks back to these architectural roots, with the Samoa Antracita floor tile from Porcelanosa. Inspired by slate, the pool appears to emerge from the Earth itself and its design is in tune with the natural environment.

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In Villa Victoire, another of the houses that make up Domaine Louise, this Provencal design has also been upheld with sustainable materials such as Krion®, which gives shape to the bathtub in the home. As it is an antibacterial material, with zero porosity, easy-to-clean and resistant to solar radiation and shocks, it will last longer in this type of space.

An oasis on the French Riviera.

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