October 23, 2019 | Updated: January 13, 2022


Porcelanosa Group Projects: an eclectic touch for the Lacabia restaurant

This refurbishment project has seen materials used from Porcelanosa, Venis and L´Antic Colonial, which provide the premises with a whole new personality.

Industrial dyes blend with the rustic-style pieces from the Barcelona collection by Porcelanosa and Starwood’s wood-inspired finish.

The Lacabia restaurant in Madrid has been restored using some of PORCELANOSA Group’s collections. Porcelanosa, Venis and L´Antic Colonial tiles have renewed the style of the restaurant, making it an eclectic space in which the fusion of styles is the main attraction.

From hydraulic finishes to wooden surfaces or gloss tiles in a watercolour style. A combination visible throughout the premises which is also extended to the furniture.

Wood-based miscellaneous styles

Lacabia’s dining room merges different kinds of elements with a common denominator: the inspiration in natural wood. The floor is covered with the 19cm x 125.7cm x 0.8cm AC4 Genuine 1L Sonoran laminate by L´Antic Colonial, whereas a combination of Nebraska Noir designs and Smart Tanzania Natural (14.3cm x 90cm and 22cm x 90cm), has been chosen for the counter covering, the stairs and parts of the flooring, both belonging to Starwood ceramic wood.

Modern-day interior design with a taste of tradition

The most artisanal contribution comes from Porcelanosa with hydraulic-inspired pieces from the Barcelona B and C collections in 59.6cm x 59.6cm sizes. For its part, Java White, also by Porcelanosa, has a finish which emulates textile which, provides a feeling of comfort from the walls.

The 15cm x 25.9cm x 0.8cm Rhombus Light Green has been installed in the cafeteria and the entrance; it transmits a touch of freshness. This tone serves as a counterpoint in an atmosphere in which both natural and orange colours stand out.

Finally, the 45cm x 120cm Bottega Caliza design by Porcelanosa contributes to enhancing the industrial style of a place where we find exposed iron beams and a clinker tile wall.

A connection of styles with taste as the unifying thread.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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