November 30, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Porcelanosa presents its new classical-inspired ceramic formats

Current decorative trends are based on vintage-inspired designs and atmospheres. Modern-day and contemporary spaces which make the perfect reinterpretation of the classical and traditional essence of ceramic.

By making the most of this decorative trend, the PORCELANOSA Group brings back and updates small-size ceramic formats. We are dealing with pieces highlighted by colours which provide the space with personality.

Sevilla and Málaga: full colour wall tiles inspired by tradition

Sevilla and Málaga are the names featuring in the new wall tiles from Porcelanosa. Firstly, Sevilla is shown as a rectangular piece divided into 6 squares, three up and three down; secondly, the Málaga ceramic wall tile is made up of a rectangular piece which has been divided into 3 rectangles and also by two lines (20cmx31.6cm). The modularity and symmetry present in these geometrical-design pieces provide any room with a more visual, volumetric and attractive look.

The aesthetic strength of these pieces lies in the colour, since they provide the space with a great decorative finish. So much so that, both series are available in nine tones: Aqua, Green, Grey, Ocean, Rose, Beige, White, Acero and Mostaza.

The Sevilla and Málaga series turn out to be perfect for providing various spaces like the kitchen, the bathroom and contract projects with a touch of colour, since they convey the resistance and low maintenance which ceramic requires.

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