September 18, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa increases the resistance of its pieces with anti-scratch technology

The Carrara, Bianco, Thassos and Calacata collections now offer this highly-strong finish.

After 2 years of research, the firm has applied new production methodologies which improve the quality of its ceramic.

In the steady quest for offering a product with an excellent performance, Porcelanosa has implemented a new production method in order to achieve a finish which is resistant to scratches in both floor tiles and wall tiles.

After having carried out research and development for two years, the firm has achieved in including a composition in each of its pieces which is resistant to: scratches, stains and water absorption. Some features which also have an influence in its finish, have a look similar to natural marble and have an organic appearance with no decoration.

Anti-scratch resistance with no ‘pixels’

In the production process, removing the conventional enamel was opted for. To this effect, new equipment which works through the use of metal complexes (soluble salts) was used for the piece decoration. A new technique which allows for working the finishes with the interior of the clay composition which makes up the product. This is done instead of doing it on the enamel.

This new way of manufacturing reduces the existence of the pixelated effect in the design of the pieces. The piece firing is carried out at high temperatures (1.205ºC), which results in providing each piece with the highest performance regarding hardness and compaction. A stage where the polishing process has an influence on the final appearance.

Hardness and natural aesthetic

This finish is found in the following collections: Bianco Pulido (58.6cmx118.7cm), Carrara Blanco Pulido (58.6cmx118.7cm or 79.2cmx79.2cm), Thassos Pulido (79.2cmx79.2cm), Aspen Pulido (79.2cmx79.2cm), Calacata Gold (59.6cmx59.6cm) and Portofino Pulido (58.6cmx118.7cm).

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