February 28, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Partners: advantages for developers. Added value for the buyer with the highest quality in materials

In order to make the work for the people in charge of big residential projects and promoters easier, the PORCELANOSA Group will launch the PORCELANOSA Partners programme. It is an initiative which, thanks to a series of actions, will make lots of property developers trust fully in the PORCELANOSA Group, in relation to the project finishes, along with the added value regarding quality and exclusivity.

On one hand, among the advantages that those developers will get by taking part in the PORCELANOSA Partners programme, one can find promotional items to make housing sales easier, as well as enhancing them. On the other hand, the developer and marketing sales departments will benefit from the tools and technical data needed on the products and materials from the PORCELANOSA Group, to achieve a better space setup.

The first of the tools that the PORCELANOSA Group puts at the disposal of the developers who are determined to bank on its brands exclusively, is a 3x8m advertising poster to be installed in the project plot. The firm will design, print out and install a hoarding in the corresponding location, where it says that the PORCELANOSA Group takes care of the interior finishes. This way, the homebuyers will be able to identify which company is overseeing the housing development materials, with the prestige and quality in the materials that this implies.

The second of the facilities that PORCELANOSA Partners offers to the development companies, has to do with the sales points sent to the end customer. The design team from the firm will carry out several 3D project designs with the materials from the Grupo. This way, the buyers, in a fairly visual format, will be able to see the real dimensions of the project, its quality and finishes. Furthermore, if the developer provides the plans in AutoCad, the interior designers from the PORCELANOSA Group will prepare a design on how to display the products, a 3D simulation of the sales office. Finally, every single product from the PORCELANOSA Group will be sent in BIM format, upon request, in order to be included in the project.

It is worth mentioning that, taking part in PORCELANOSA Partners, the firm will design a catalogue together with the project report for the developer. This will be USB-based and delivered to the homebuyer. In the same way, from the PORCELANOSA Group, all the necessary information about the quality and finishes will be provided, ranging from advantages of guaranteeing of every single product; so, that all data is within reach of the developer’s sales department.

For the housing development, the PORCELANOSA Group also offers the people who are responsible for the residential projects prominence in its Lifestyle magazine. The firm will publish an article about the project in its prestigious headline, whose distribution reaches 70,000 copies, and has been translated in eight languages as well.

All of this via one single representative. It is a leading figure, under the umbrella of the PORCELANOSA Group, in charge of all the finishes, capable of reinforcing the firm’s involvement regarding the delivery times and the reaction to any unexpected event.

PORCELANOSA Partners gives every single project added value. It is a guarantee to the potential buyers who will have the highest quality in manufacturing materials, through a renowned international firm as the PORCELANOSA Group is.

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