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PORCELANOSA to host a display of its latest innovations in its Spanish and Portuguese stores

The multinational is replacing its usual international show with an exhibition held in its main stores in Spain and Portugal from 1 to 30 June


The ceramics company will present its new collections and technical solutions for the residential and contract sector from 1 to 30 June, in an exhibition that seeks to promote comprehensive design and personalised customer service.


Bringing customers closer to stores

The ceramics multinational has moved away from its New Product Fair, transforming it into a more intimate, inclusive event aiming to strengthen its personalised customer care offer and joint working between the brand and consumers. In line with this concept, the company’s main stores located throughout Spain and Portugal will be promoting comprehensive design through its large format ceramic pieces and soft textures.

The aim is to strengthen the dialogue between consultants and future customers, with personalised advice

Offering bespoke customer care is at the heart of all PORCELANOSA professionals’ activities. Customers can also book this service via the PORCELANOSA website ( and choose to visit the store at a time that best suits them. “We’ve made significant technological advances so we can expand our personalised services and range of tools to help users. Promoting and developing new communications channels, along with equipping professionals with specialist knowledge is what we hope to promote during the event”, explain the PORCELANOSA team members.

More natural, unlimited spaces

The main concepts behind each store’s Ceramoteca section are unlimited rooms seeking order and light, and ceramic collections inspired by nature.

PORCELANOSA will present its new floor and wall tile collections in neutral and grey tones. This can be seen in its Microcement, Hannover, Treviso, Cotto, Elegant, Steel and Linz series, with tiles that recreate the sheen and contrasts of cement, granite and limestone.


Hannover Topo 120 × 120 cm + Hannover Topo + Liston Hannover Topo 596 x 150 cm Porcelanosa

In terms of ceramic wood, the firm will be displaying its Vermont collection in various shades (Bone, Arce, Roble, Castaño and Gris) and accent tiles. Ceramic wall tiles include Granada, available in white (White), beige, blue (Sky), green (Mint) and navy blue (Ocean), with tiles in a 25 cm x 44.3 cm format that will add a sense of light to projects.

The brand will also take the opportunity to showcase its new range of full-body technical porcelain: SolidKer®. This is an unrivalled solution for major projects where resistance to high traffic, durability, easy maintenance and technical resistance are key. Two series stand out in particular: Adda and Petra.

Natural wood and decorative profiles 

L’ac has added Monarch to its natural wood range. This collection, made in natural oak (5.4 mm), can be used to design, warmer, safer spaces, and features three layers of natural wood and a varnished finish.

A similar aesthetic runs through Hall, laminate flooring in predominantly warm tones, specially designed for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Column 160 cm right-hand set. Habana Dark Seda + Future Quartz mosaic Antic Colonial Porcelanosa.png

Column 160 cm right-hand set. Habana Dark Seda + Future Quartz mosaic Antic Colonial Porcelanosa

In the bathroom, L’ac has gone for Column Greco-Latin washbasins (a collaboration with Yonoh Studio) in stone and wood, and Lotus mosaic tiles in solid colours and finishes that highlight the glazed geometric design.

Lotus Sun mosaic + Home 1L Tannheim parquet Antic Colonial Porcelanosa.png

Lotus Sun mosaic + Home 1L Tannheim parquet Antic Colonial Porcelanosa

In terms of wall tiles, highlights include the Athena series in natural marble and Win, a new take on ceramics with gold (Gold), black (Gloss), white (Nebbia Gloss), and mother-of-pearl green (Nacre) finishes. These latter ceramic mosaic tiles also include Bali, an irregular collection in turquoise blue inspired by the Pacific Ocean.

Butech, another group company, has also designed new products for major projects. The company – dedicated to project consultancy and technical solutions – will have its new 20 mm collections (Riven, West and Rox) collections on display for the public, which faithfully reproduce the contrasts of stone, cement and wood.

  Thicker Riven Cream Antislip 29.5 cm x 120 cm Butech Porcelanosa.jpg

Thicker Riven Cream Antislip 29.5 cm x 120 cm Butech Porcelanosa

Highlights in decorative profiles include the Metal series, updated with two new options, and the Pro-Telo LED collection (in Silver and Black tones) that fits flush against ceramic tiles without any overlap. These pieces are compatible with new COB style LEDS, and even with shower trays.

With the principles of versatility and order in mind, the firm has made improvements to its Pool-Deck System, a concealed swimming pool drainage system clad in PORCELANOSA ceramic, with two widths available: 193 mm and 250 mm.

From XTONE, to Fitwall® 

XTONE panels: a sintered mineral compact from Urbatek, which has perfected the marble look with new collections including Viola and Paonazzo Biondo. These eye-catching large format tiles feature burgundy, cream and caramel veins, with refined graphics and major decorative appeal.

XTone Viola Blue Silk 120 cm x 120 cm Urbatek Porcelanosa.jpg

XTone Viola Blue Silk 120 cm x 120 cm Urbatek Porcelanosa

Another stone XTONE has used as a reference point is quartzite. The Taj Mahal series in beige series features a succession of fluid layers with fine veins in gold and taupe.

Urbatek has added the Exclusive Slab Concept to its Altissima range. The brand has used it to give shape to Selvaggia Green, a design in natural Brazilian stone that will lend character and authenticity to any space, featuring green waves and fine whitish veins.

Krion, meanwhile, aims to highlight the advantages of Krion® Lux with a new range of backlit colours. The mineral compound can be thermoformed, making it ideal for creating join-free pieces in custom-made designs.

Because the surface is non-porous, resistant and hygienic, pieces in the Luxury range bring modernity and nature together in each series (Grey Stripes, Snow Cloudy and Coffee Cream).

Krion® L108 Snow Cloudy Porcelanosa.png

Krion® L108 Snow Cloudy Porcelanosa 

New colours have also been added to Coverlux®, a range of decorative cladding that combines the aesthetics of natural stone with modern resin-based technology. Particular highlights added to the range include Fragstones, Orobico and Golden Alabaster.

Krion has also added to its Fitwall® decorative panels, with four new surfaces composed of the mineral ATH and recycled PET (EPUPR technology): Concrete Series (Wave, Arco and Rolling), Cotto Series (Mattonella), Wood Series (Doghe) and Creative Series (Palm, Oz, Willow and Shades).

Fitwall® Creative Series Palm Carinnean Krion Porcelanosa.jpg

Fitwall® Creative Series Palm Carinnean Krion Porcelanosa

Yet another Krion® Shell innovation is the Natural bathroom line, with self-supporting countertops, smooth integrated washbasins and wood inspired furnishings in two tones: Blanco Clásico and Negro Grafito.

Artistic bathrooms and kitchens 

In terms of bathrooms, Noken is presenting its touch-free smart solutions, including sensor taps, toilets and flush systems (in stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or Finish Studio matt black) that reduce water consumption, smart mirrors and hand sanitising gel dispensers.


Slender Washbasins Finish Studio Noken Porcelanosa

Sustainability and innovation are two values at the heart of Noken’s Acro Compact smart toilet, with auto-control technology to regulate the water temperature, adjust the position, or dry (a choice of five levels), with full control over the functions.

Customised products from Noken will be prominent at the event. The company will have its toilets, baths, taps, washbasins and shower trays on display, in a variety of finishes under the Finish Studio concept. The artistic technique gives customers the change to customise every design, as though working with a blank canvas.

Slender Washbasins Finish Studio Noken Porcelanosa

Slender Washbasins Finish Studio Noken Porcelanosa

Oxo is another collection that will be under the spotlight. These designer taps have received awards from Green Good Design thanks to their sustainable nature, as well as a Product IF Design Award. They are available in a timeless chrome finish or Finish Studio finishes including brushed titanium and matt black.

Gamadecor puts forward a new definition of the kitchen. Its E6.90 Roble Torrefacto model features a sliding worktop which opens out diagonally, transforming your worktop into a bar style table and featuring cubby holes to keep every bit of space tidy. The oven doors are made in XTONE Paonazzo Biondo Polished, adding a sense of refinement to the kitchen’s overall look.

The brand will also be showcasing furniture during the event. All eyes will be on Up, bathroom units featuring clean lines and a generous storage capacity, in natural finishes that enhance the wood’s contours. The same is true of Corner, a bathroom unit available in Nogal Moon or Nogal Frost finishes, with a pull that extends around the unit and two vintage style interior drawers.

Modular sofas with removable frames, and customised modular dressing rooms such as Emotions E7 are more proposals Gamadecor has prepared for the PORCELANOSA Show.

E6.90 Roble Torrefacto kitchen + Xtone Paonazzo Polished Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa.jpg
Kitchen E6.90 Roble Torrefacto + Xtone Paonazzo Polished Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa
Danubio 97 sofa Gamadecor Porcelanosa.jpg
Danubio 97 sofa Gamadecor Porcelanosa

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