May 7, 2020


Porcelanosa’s new collections promote recycling and sustainability

The firm’s Eco Conscious green programme includes a range of products and materials that reduce our carbon footprint and promote water and energy savings.

Sustainability and energy saving through the responsible consumption of water, electricity and raw materials have become a regular part of our lives. Since the state of emergency was declared in Spain on 14 March in response to the coronavirus crisis, there has been an increase in the number of hours we spend in the home, leading to a 28% increase in domestic electricity consumption.

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Environmentally-friendly products

In these circumstances, and to promote energy efficiency in the home, PORCELANOSA Group has created the Eco Conscious programme, which includes some of its most sustainable collections. One of these is WaterForest, an initiative by the Noken company, which includes ECO flush systems for toilets, cold-start taps, ECO aerators and thermostatic taps. These products allow you to save up to 89% of the water you normally use.

Sustainable collections of flooring include Forest by PAR-KER™, Porcelanosa’s ceramic parquet, which recreates the colours and grain of natural wood with 95% recycled material, and Starwood Ecological, a ceramic wood based on timbers such as oak and cherry.

The natural wood collections marketed by L’Antic Colonial are also eco-friendly, as demonstrated by the PEFC, FSC™, NWFA and AITIM labels, which certify that each wooden panel comes from a forest where more trees are replanted than are cut down.

Recycled glass

Following the “three R” philosophy (reduce, reuse and recycle), PORCELANOSA Group has created a range of products using recycled glass, to give this material a second life and contribute to our ecological transition. They include the Glaze Denim Bottle Light, Arabia Gold, Essential and Boulder collections, multi-purpose mosaics with a glossy or matte finish, which can be used in any type of project and help to protect the planet.

Environmentally-friendly composites

Krion Shell™ and Krion™ compact mineral are other sustainable solutions by PORCELANOSA Group. Krion Shell™ shower trays and countertops are made of recycled PET plastics, Eco Resin and Krion®, recycled material accounting for 5% of the total. Krion™ Solid Surface is 100% recyclable and offers solutions for retailers, contractors and the healthcare sector. The Materia collection, for example, contains a minimum of 20% recycled material. This product is part of the Ecocycle® system, under which the Krion company reuses excess manufacturing material to produce chips that can be incorporated in other products, offering a total of 45 colours using up to 40% recycled material.

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