March 25, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Porcelanosa merges the combination of wood and cement in its Austin Parker

Among the latest news in 2015 regarding floor and wall tiles, Porcelanosa has introduced a new ceramic parquet collection which captures both the spirit and the charm of the wood that is used in the construction processes: Austin Par-ker®.

Designed with rough and old looking wooden planks that are often used in concrete moulds in all kinds of building projects, the Austin ceramic parquet floor tile series presents the particular whitish film which usually impregnates boards after being used as moulds for walls, stairs, or large building structures.

In addition to its characteristic smooth colouring, this new Par-ker® model merges grained wood together with a concrete aspect, recreating both texture and irregularities and the typical wood irregularities restored in the process of forming concrete, all giving a strong personality to the collection.

With two formats:  29,4×120 cm and 19,3×120 cm, Austin creates suitable floors for areas of any kind of style, fitting perfectly with decorative elements from a wide colour range due to the neutrality of their two possible finishes: White Austin Par-ker®  and Grey Austin Par-ker®.

This new Par-ker®model allows you to create different warm atmospheres that are distinguished by a very modern industrial touch, but with all the advantages of Porcelanosa ceramic parquet such as endurance and durability, besides its ease of cleaning that requires little maintenance.

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