January 26, 2022


Designs from Calatrava and Lázaro Rosa-Violán's land on the pages of Lifestyle magazine

Santiago Calatrava pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, the opening of the Only YOU Hotel in Valencia with interior design by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, and Solidker full-body porcelain tiles by Porcelanosa are some of the issue's main stories.

Research into more versatile materials, and harnessing new technologies to plan and build homes have changed the way we think about - and use - spaces. In this sense, PORCELANOSA Group has perfected its designs with natural finishes and enhanced technical performance to improve the safety and aesthetics of every project. One such product is Solidker, a full-body technical porcelain with the same composition and graphics running through every layer.

This innovative collection graces the pages of the latest Porcelanosa Lifestyle magazine, with an in-depth article that delves into the design process and the numerous advantages it offers compared with traditional technical porcelain tiles.

Revista Porcelanosa Lifestyle 39

Dubai and Taiwan, two cities that breathe architecture

You'll also find an in-depth article on the UAE and Qatar pavilions, work of architect Santiago Calatrava for the Dubai Expo 2020, a prominent event on the world stage. The UAE complex - an impressive winged structure spanning 15,000 square metres - recreates a hawk in flight, with 28 carbon fibre wings that open in just three minutes (using a hydraulic system) and give shape to the exterior façade. The mechanism can be used to harness solar energy or protect the interior from sand storms (by closing the wings).

The interior features a skylight in Krion® Lux 1100 K-Life, with forms inspired by the exhibition logo, and is used as a 200-capacity circular auditorium. The interior also features the Krion® Lux mineral compact in black, lending the space a sober look, resistance and sustainability credentials (LEED certificate). For the Qatar building, the architect recreated the country's coat of arms with two white bodies of Krion® Lux, enhancing the natural desert light.

Sustainable architecture is another key theme of the issue, with Butech (PORCELANOSA Group) ventilated façades and homes where natural light, neutral tones and natural materials make for more beautiful - and more practical - rooms. The Dream Villa in Stockholm (work of the architect Benjamin Calleja and Patricia Ramos), Happy Hour Villa, the Residencial AC33 in Valencia (ERRE Arquitectura e Inmobiliaria Rimontgó) and The Ten luxury apartments in Taichung, Taiwan (built by Sawara Architects and M.P Architecture) showcase new currents in residential and hotel architecture.

The latest Lifestyle issue examines this latter sector in particular, covering the Only YOU hotel in Valencia - a new design icon. The 191-room hotel features Mediterranean interior design by Lázaro Rosa-Violán and several Porcelanosa collections, with communal areas dominated by a neutral colour scheme, wood and lightweight textiles.

The personalities of the year include architects Manuel Clavel or Massimo Roj and chef Tamara Falcó, who explains her culinary techniques and professional trajectory from a Gamadecor kitchen.

Discover all this and much more in issue 39 of Lifestyle Magazine

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