October 27, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Porcelanosa launches K-Life, a revolution in technological surface areas

Last Thursday on October 26, the PORCELANOSA Group presented, in its Fulham showroom in London, one of the most revolutionary materials by the company: K-Life. An innovative design which shows technology without precedents through an antibacterial piece, which is not only resistant to stains, but it also improves the air quality.

This new material, developed with the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact, represents a technological leap forward which allows for the domestic elements that we use daily to actively contribute to the cleaning and quality of the atmosphere, in houses and in contract spaces, which like so, improves people’s quality of life.

Using the photocatalysis concept, K-Life improves air quality by neutralising nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds. When K-Life is in contact with any type of light, the properties of this matter, which are unique in the world, are activated, initiating a self-cleaning process and air regeneration.

In the event, the product developers have outlined the concept of K-Life, along with its features with samples of the new material and an interactive audio-visual presentation. It is about an advance in the quality of the air inside which, as one of the experts from Systempool has explained, could generate major improvements in the environment in urban areas and in city centres.”One of the effects of modern-day pollution is the presence of potentially harmful gases, such as: nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds in the air, both in our cities and our homes. When some of these gases are in contact with the K-Life surface, there is a chemical reaction which neutralises this damaging effect, producing harmless mineral salts and water as a result. There are no limits to the K-Life use, and furthermore, it could even be used in city centres as a passive method of purifying the air”, states Julio Godo, the Export Manager for Systempool.

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