September 20, 2022


XTONE®: the ideal large format porcelain tile for bathrooms

A high quality material boasting low porosity and a 100% mineral origin, it's become the perfect choice for bathrooms.

The PORCELANOSA Group brand champions natural-look, realistic designs inspired by marble. Large format pieces with marked irregular veins that lend rooms artistic flair, bolstered by the porcelain and natural stone composition.

This set of qualities enhances the aesthetic of bathrooms where you want to elevate the look with exquisite and unique designs that offer the perfect blend of exclusivity, quality and safety:

Hygienic and antibacterial.

Resistant material: suitable for use with aggressive cleaning methods.

Waterproof surface: the material is completely non-porous, preventing the absorption of liquids and inhibiting the build-up of odours.

Easy to maintain: no need for special products.

The natural composition of the material gives XTONE® collections unique features.

100% recyclable material

As well as being highly resistant against extreme temperatures, blows and chemicals, it stands out for being a 100% recyclable, sustainable, waterproof and hygienic material.

These collections take inspiration from sophisticated and delicate marble, characterised by its rich marble pattern. With its brown, white, green and copper tones, this series works particularly well with vintage furniture, pendant lighting, velvety textiles and round mirrors.

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