August 3, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa brings the charm of hydraulic tiles back

The firm designs five retro aesthetic ceramic collections: Antique Brown, Deco Bluestone, Marbella Stone, Granada and Toscana Deco.Porcelain wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles based on the hydraulic floors from the early twentieth century.

The delicacy and beauty of the hydraulic tiles inspire the ceramic designs of the: Antique Brown, Deco Bluestone, Marbella Stone, Granada and Toscana Deco collections. A tribute to the ceramic tradition that recreates the hydraulic floor which was so characteristic at the beginning of the last century.

Although these floor tiles and wall tiles by Porcelanosa have a certain hand-crafted appearance to them, their production has had the highest ceramic technology. This factor contributes to its lightness and resistance.

The Antique Brown collection is characterised by its vintage inspiration. Each piece can be combined as a mosaic, or ceramic tapestries can be formed with smooth floor tiles from the Park collection, which share the same base tones: Caliza, Silver, Arena or Black. The different geometric shapes and floral motifs are repeated as ornamental elements in this series and they consolidate a porcelain tile that emulates the hydraulic perfectly.

For its part, Deco Bluestone enhances the beauty of the vestiges of the hydraulic pattern through a floor tile in a stone finish. Modernist inspiration with unique and shaded-variated pieces that allow for a canvas full of personality to be created.

In this same line, but with a cementitious finish, there is the Toscana Deco collection. This wall tile is full of illustrations and cream tones that enhance its retro character.

Finally, the Marbella Stone and Granada collections stand out. Two models that belong to the STON-KER family. Ceramic stone of great resistance, capable of remaining unalterable on the surface even in extreme conditions.

Whereas Marbella offers a design full of tonal nuances and prominent patterns, Granada has a blurred design with bluish and muted ocher colours.

Retrospective inspiration for the interior design and architecture sector when creating new projects and refurbishments with a vintage essence.

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