June 26, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group strengthens its position in Australia through EARP BROS

The PORCELANOSA Group strengthens its position in Australia thanks to the renovation of the spectacular EARP BROS showroom, the firm’s main local partner. Located in Sidney, ‘The Alexandria Flagship Showroom’ has widened its exposure with the most innovative products and cutting-edge designs from the group’s eight firms. This refurbishment is a sign of the brand’s international penetration, covering markets which have a great deal of relevance through strategic alliances.

In the showroom, the choice of ceramic materials for both walls and floors stands out, from designs inspired by wood or natural stone like marble, to original wall tiles/coverings with relieve finishes/finishes in relieve. The ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles/coverings from the firm are the main attraction in this market because of the durable and easy cleaning technical advantages, and also because of their designs being in accordance with the very latest trends in interior design.

As well as that, we also find other innovative solutions for interior design like the Airslate laminate natural stone, which comes in different formats, finishes and thicknesses. A tough, extra-fine innovative material with unique and special aesthetics thanks to its large size, which, because of its versatility, really stands out.

The expansion of the EARP BROS showroom demonstrates the commitment regarding the cutting-edge products from the PORCELANOSA Group on behalf of Australian professionals from this sector to achieve atmospheres that convey different values that belong to the firm, such as: exclusivity, quality and innovation.

Innovation in materials and designs, which along with products which come from the very latest trends in architecture and interior design, have positioned themselves as a benchmark in Australia.

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