July 19, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group, solid support for the Prince of Wales in his charitable works

The firm PORCELANOSA Group offers once again solid support to Prince Charles in his charitable work.

After almost twenty years of collaboration and support for his numerous charitable foundations, PORCELANOSA Group has once again lent a hand to the heir to the British throne in order to boost the “Prince’s Trust“, a programme that helps and supports 50,000 young people in the UK, with the help of 6,000 volunteers. The main goal of this organization, founded in 1976 by Prince Charles himself, is to promote initiatives dedicated exclusively to young people with regard to improving their education, helping them get started in the field of employment and promoting teamwork among them, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles wanted to thank PORCELANOSA Group again for its support by holding a gala dinner which took place at Windsor Castle, one of the most representative buildings in English Gothic and the biggest inhabited fortress in the world.

A delegation from the PORCELANOSA Group attended the event which was hosted by the Prince of Wales. Thus, among the top representatives from the firm, Porcelanosa, there was the president of Porcelanosa, Manuel Colonques; PORCELANOSA Group’s president, Hector Colonques, with his wife and son: Ana Garcia-Planas and Hector Colonques Garcia-Planas; and Silvestre Segarra, Executive Vice President of Porcelanosa, accompanied by her daughter, Lourdes Segarra.

Moreover, some well-known faces on both the national and international scene were also present, and some who served as guests of honour did not miss the event, such as Isabel Preysler; the Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa; the Hollywood actor Richard Gere, with his Spanish girlfriend Alejandra Silva; Cayetano Rivera and Eva Gonzalez; Alfonso Diez, the late Duchess of Alba’s widower; Princess Ira of Furstenberg; or the “cavalier” (knight) Tomas Terry, among others.

About two hundred guests witnessed such an event, in which, apart from dinner in the famous St George’s Hall, the place for the Queen’s state dinners, there was a performance with a Spanish flavour from the flamenco dancer, Sergio Bernal, which was seen and enjoyed by all those present.

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