June 26, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Weston House, Altea (Spain)

The architect. Antonio Maciá Mateu opted for PORCELANOSA Group’s solid surface to achieve the sinuous forms of contemporary cuisine, in order to get the draft reform of a house located in the town of Altea on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

In order to achieve  a modern design that met all aesthetic and functional requirements in the kitchen, the architect opted for a combination of wood on the cupboards fascia and the whiteness of the counter, made with mineral compact Krion® Snow White 1100. A composition that gives the room a comfortable and elegant aesthetic. Lapera Surface transforming company was responsible for the execution of the design developed through the thermoform technique to get a countertop of soft lines that merge with wood.

In addition to its innovative aesthetics, Macia Mateu decided to use Krion® in the kitchen in this house for the technical qualities of the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group , such as its easy cleaning, anti-bacterial property without additives, high resistance to fire and chemical attack and the certificate for food use, making it an ideal and very practical material for installing in kitchens, among other applications.

According to the architect, the kitchen design is inspired by “the beauty of curves and the peaceful movement”, they remain in the photographer Edward H. Weston’s work specifically in “one of her nude photos taken in 1936 in which three longitudinal curves are defined. They allowed a furniture design at three levels that runs throughout the house, each level corresponding to one of the curves of the picture”.

Pictures: David Frutos.

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