March 1, 2019 | Updated: January 13, 2022


Porcelanosa Group Projects: A vintage-styled apartment in the centre of Kiev

The hydraulic tiles and the PAR-KER ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa bring the essence of the Mediterranean to the capital of Ukraine.

It is in the centre of Kiev where one can find this impressive 100m2 apartment whose rooms remind us a little of the Mediterranean. This idea was designed by the interior designer, Alyona Sergienko, with the material selection from the PORCELANOSA Group, which was done through the official distributor in the city, namely: Millennium Concept.

With three rooms, a hall, two bathrooms and a kitchen; this apartment certainly knows how to combine several designs from the company, Porcelanosa. Among the materials used, it is worth highlighting the hydraulic tiles which have been included in the kitchen. They belong to the Barcelona series, and their bluish tones are inspired by those old 19th-century sea houses which were located along beachfront.

Hydraulic tiles of infinite possibilities

The wall tiles and floor tiles used in most of the house combine pieces from the Barcelona series with the Boston Topo series. The beige tones in these pieces complement the sobriety of the house through colour combinations and the solid composition of this material.


Bathrooms made of stone and ceramic wood

Thought up for relaxing in and getting away from it all, the bathrooms in this house have strengthened the intimacy of its areas with the Chester ceramic parquet from PAR-KER in its Leño tone. The faded brown in this piece gives the rest of the elements a vintage style, along with greater harmony.

In the second bathroom, the Dover collection balances and extends the possibilities of the space through its industrial aesthetics. Material which blends in with the Castaño tone from the Oxford series. Colour balance based on saltpetre.


See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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