March 2, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Porcelanosa Group Projects: two different styles in a house in Seville

The Egion Building Work and Project team have banked on the highest-quality materials from the PORCELANOSA Group for one of its projects in the historical quarter of Alameda de Hércules in Seville. We are dealing with a building which dates back to 1940, and which has great architectural wealth and a unique character.

The challenge presented by this work consisted of modernising the house in order to enhance the essence and uniqueness of the building, as well as optimising the available space to meet the demands of the new occupants. Additionally, the objective was to enhance the natural light and to refurbish the facilities in the house.

Avant-garde design and tradition

In order to have the flooring tiled in the house, the Par-Ker Ascot Arce ceramic parquet was chosen, which is inspired by natural wood itself, whose softness makes a contrast with the exposed brick walls.

Regarding the toilets, those overseeing the project have opted for elegant cutting-edge styled pieces such as: the Dover Arena and Dover Modern Line Arena ceramic wall tiles from Porcelanosa; and the Corinto Caliza and Old White models from the Concrete & Fusion collection by Venis. Noken Porcelanosa Bathroom  sanitaryware from the NK Concept collection has been included in the bathroom equipment.

Egion, together with the contribution from the architect, Honorio Aguilar, has banked on highlighting certain features of the building through an indirect lighting. In this regard, one can find this point on the wooden beamed ceiling, the brick façade and the industrial-styled reinforced iron columns. By doing so, the elements get to play a major role in the unique character of the house.

The end result is a house full of open spaces which joins the best from different periods of time together. Firstly, the modernity, purity and elegance provided by the pieces from the PORCELANOSA Group; and secondly, the architectural uniqueness of the building which is steeped in history. Therefore, all of this certainly results in a unique style which is full of spirit.

Photography by: Javier Orive

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