April 22, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: KRION® touches down at Pulkovo Airport, Russia

The latest generation compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION® Solid Surface, acquires great relevance again in a high-flying international architecture project. The acrylic stone has been the chosen material for carrying out the two new passenger terminals at Pulkovo Airport, Russia, as well as the executive terminal Pulkovo 3.

When addressing its last refurbishment in February 2015, the Pulkovo Airport which provides the service to the city of St. Petersburg, needed a single, versatile and wide performance material that would suit its requirement and the large number of passengers that pass through it.

In addition, KRION® Solid Surface is homogeneous throughout its thickness; vandal-proof; highly durable and easy to clean. Thus, the material comprises the check-in counter; the boarding counters; the bathrooms; the Business Area counters; the Business Lounge catering area; the information desks; the access to disabled people, among many other areas.

The chosen colour was the star KRYON® tone, the KRION® 1100 Snow White, though combined in this impressive project with other varieties of the acrylic stone such as the KRION® 1603 Nordic Blue, 1901 Black or 9901 Crystal Black +.

Pulkovo International Airport was opened in 1973, and it was formerly known as Shosseynaya airport. For its service and proximity to the emblematic city of St. Petersburg, this airport has already been considered as one of the four major airports with high passenger traffic in all Russia. Forecasts indicate that by 2015, the Pulkovo Airport will receive around 17 million passengers.

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