July 15, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The through-body porcelain from Urbatek in Paseo la Galeria Shopping Centre, Asuncion

Across the Atlantic Ocean in Paraguay, we find the Paseo la Galeria Shopping Centre, a large unique project in Asuncion. The capital and most populous city in Paraguay was the perfect location to put a shopping area so iconic and imposing like this, with two corporate buildings and a three-story shopping centre with up to 120 shops and dining spaces.

The professionals from the Seis Arquitectos architecture studio were responsible for carrying out the project design. To do this, they thought of a material with an excellent covering performance with full warranty in an area of high traffic such as the Paseo la Galeria Shopping Centre. Thus, Seis Arquitectos selected the full body porcelain from Urbatek for the Shopping Centre floor tiles which were placed according to the instructions and report done by Butech, and furthermore, it combined several from the most elegant and timeless series regarding the through-body porcelain in order to get a most surprising result.

On the one hand, the through body porcelain from the Avenue collection was opted for, a benchmark of the highest quality. In addition, this porcelain project has a finish inspired by very sophisticated and natural granite, capable of giving greater distinction to space. The Avenue finishes selected in this case were the Avenue Brown Nature and Avenue White Nature, both in a 29,7×59,6 cm format.

On the other hand, the City Collection offered that exquisite dose of extreme functionality. Its unglazed finish and unique character turns it into an infinite project that does not go out of fashion, all added to its ultra-resistance to both wear and tear, as well as time. In this series, the Cube City Nature and the City Area Nature finishes were used, resulting in a warm and subtle chromatic scale.

The third of the series from PORCELANOSA Group chosen by Seis Arquitectos was the Town collection from Urbatek. A full body porcelain that brings continuity to space, and at the same time, it offers high performance. Four finishes were selected: Town Moka Nature and the polished series, that is, Polished Nickel Town, Polished White Town and Polished Extreme White.

In addition to an incredibly homogeneous finish, Urbatek provides, through its through-body porcelain, easy maintenance and cleaning. The elastic fillers from Butech were added to carry out the making of the dilatation joints. More information that backs up this material as being ideal for flooring in a shopping centre.

A flagship project

Located in the area of the highest commercial and corporate growth in Asuncion, this complex has mixed commercial and office towers, as well as a large parking area. Its commercial space has three levels, surrounded by two towers of up to twenty-three levels in each one. Because of these features, the Paseo La Galeria Shopping Centre is the largest project of its kind in the city of Asuncion.

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