January 13, 2017


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: the structured façade manufactured with KRION® for the Shenzhen Zhongzhou, in China

The most futuristic architecture and design come together in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. It is in this place where one can find one of the latest projects manufactured with Solid Surface KRION®, which has banked on the technical input by Butech: the façade for the Shenzhen Zhongzhou shopping centre. A ventilated and structured façade design which seems to blend into infinity, thanks to the outstanding set of thermocurving KRION® acrylic stone pieces.

Butech, through its innovative building systems, has been the firm in charge of the design of this incomparable façade. K-Fix turns out to be the revolutionary ventilated façade system installed both in the shopping centre and the adjoining residential building. Because of its design and layout, both structures look like a vertebral column, as if they were showing their skeleton like framework inside. This aesthetic effect is achieved thanks to the arrangement of the special Solid Surface covering pieces, curved shapes and twisters, each one being 6 metres in length.

It is worth highlighting the engineering work carried out by Butech for the KRION® pieces installation on this exclusive large-scale façade. With an area of 30.000m2 and being 160 metres high, it shows a highly technical complexity project, which is unique in the world. The end result is a collaborative effort between Butech’s technical office and the Peddle Thorp Architects studio, who have worked closely together to carry the project out.

Because of this highly exclusive cutting-edge project design, the Peddle Thorp Architects studio received a special mention at the 8th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards. Thanks to both its contribution and that from the PORCELANOSA Group, Shenzhen’s skyline really catches the eye.


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