July 29, 2016


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The sophisticated ventilated façade for a Hospital in Belfast, Ireland, manufactured with STON-KER

The medical industry again banks on PORCELANOSA Group when carrying out one of its projects. This time it is the Ulster Hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, whose remodelling has been carried out by the following Architecture studios: Avanti Architects and Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects.

On this occasion, PORCELANOSA dealt with the façade, and furthermore, it opted for the installation of a ventilated façade with hidden clamps by means of the sophisticated building systems by Butech. The certification of the façade system according to British regulations was an essential requirement in order to carry out the project. As well as this, leak tests were requested.

After the appropriate certifications, Butech counted on the INASUS SL company for the on-site façade installation, an area of approximately 6000m2 plus 2000m of brick moulding. The façade was installed on a light façade structure (SFS) by means of an Omega-profile auxiliary system. With regard to the joints, the choice was an 8mm-spacing joint, which is both vertical and horizontal.

As far as the porcelain installed in the façade system is concerned, the architects in charge of the project opted for the STON-KER ceramic stone by Porcelanosa, which is highly resistant, even under repeatedly unfavourable weather conditions. The chosen STON-KER model was the Ceilán Marfil, which instead of being installed in the 596x1200mm standard format, it was carried out with a special manufacturing process, so once added to the 8mm joint, a 600mm vertical module is achieved, thus matching up with the curtain wall of the rest of the building.

The project

This stage, where we can find the installation of the ventilated façade with STON-KER, does not complete the whole project. The remodelling goes ahead, and work is expected to be finished by 2018.

Once the project has been finished, the Hospital in Belfast will become a highly-equipped centre with up to 12 hospitalisation generic rooms, ambulatory surgery, pharmacy and support services.


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