April 8, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: the concept of Contract by Fran Silvestre for L’Antic Colonial

Today we are dealing with a project which amazed its audience at the previous edition of the Global Architecture International Exhibition, which was organised by the PORCELANOSA Group. It is one of the innovative designs from the L’Antic Colonial showroom, a Contract concept carried out by the architects Fran Silvestre and Alfaro Hofmann that pretends to be a sophisticated hotel.

In an area of approximately 100 square metres, and arranged in two rooms, this unique and original space that goes above and beyond the contribution made by L’Antic Colonial, has been set up by using the material composition from different firms. Apart from PORCELANOSA Group’s firms,  Systempool, Noken or Gamadecor, other ones such as Inclass or Vibia, have also taken part in this project.

Linkfloor Roll by L’Antic Colonial

One of the L’Antic Colonial materials which has played a significant role in this hotel, and which has come from Silvestre’s and Hofmann’s creative minds, turns out to be the  Linkfloor Roll. Used as floor and wall tile, this braided textile surface stands out because of its quality and high resistance, which is what makes it ideal for the Contract linkfloor. This design ensures an easy installation, either on the floor or wall. Its different formats: slat, roll and tile, can fit perfectly into any space, as can be seen throughout the length and breadth of these hotel rooms. Its day-to-day maintenance is also simple, as is required in such an important project.

One of the other advantages of the existence of this vinyl flooring in floor and wall tiles, turns out to be the standardisation of space, which shows itself as unique and much more spacious. This uniformity is additionally emphasized in this project by both the furniture and use of the lighting, with great fineness and warmth. The selected furniture is simple and minimalist, full of an elegance that has one eye on the future. The black glass is highlighted as well as the materiality, which is based on sober shades of white or grey.

The origin

This elegant sumptuous hotel concept arises from the wish to create a cosy hotel atmosphere throughout this exclusive compendium of commercial brands. Its combination of feeling, sensations and different essences are intermingled in order to reproduce an excellent atmosphere of both relaxation and rest, which turns out to be a most unforgettable experience for the guest.

Discover this unique hotel concept in the L’Antic Colonial showroom.

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