December 1, 2017 | Updated: December 21, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: taste and sophistication at the Zenit Hotel in Seville

Located in the very heart of the Triana neighbourhood, next to the River Guadalquivir in the historical centre of Seville, one can find the Zenit Hotel. The perfect place where guests can get to know and familiarise themselves with the joy and warmth of the Sevillian streets, as well as the exquisite gastronomy and the iconic city monuments.

Inside this hotel, one can find a homely and cozy atmosphere which stands out because of mid-century inspired decoration, where the toasted and chestnut-coloured tones lead the way.

For its part, it is in the rooms, and more specifically in the bathrooms, where the professionals who have overseen the project have banked on a modern avant-garde style. The colour white in the bathroom equipment goes perfectly with the light warm tones in the ceramic, along with the texture and format combinations which achieve in creating a space with a pure authentic touch, which is full of personality.

Calm and relaxing atmospheres, equipped with bathroom pieces from the PORCELANOSA Group. 

Cosmopolitan uniqueness in the bathroom

In each of the rooms’ bathrooms, a piece which focuses on the harmony and uniqueness of the set has been installed. In other words, a Unique basin, which has been manufactured with the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact. The malleability of this material allows for the creation of a square element with rounded edges, double height and reduced bevelling, thus, offering a focus point and volumetry.

The Unique basin by Systempool turns out to be a maximalist version of the decorative trend which banks on the basin installation on the countertop, as is the case here with a supported countertop or semi-embedded. It is a decorative technique which conveys visual symmetry and its own personality to each of the bathrooms.

Furthermore, in the interior one can find two shower enclosure designs by Systempool. The functional attractive Yove collection, which allows for the sliding door to be opened and closed easily, as well as showing an elegant gloss finish; and the Neo 2B+ enclosure, very simple and perfectly adjustable to the bathroom size, and it shows a pure versatile look.

The Hotel Zenith bathrooms are also equipped with the bathtub collection from the bathroom equipment firm, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms from the PORCELANOSA Group. Firstly, the Soleil Square bathtub offers a fine polished finish and electronic equipment which includes music, which is perfect when relaxing after a long walk around the city. Secondly, the straight lines and soft curves present on the Ecolite bathtub provide high functionality without compromising aesthetics, thus, becoming the ideal choice for these types of spaces. Finally, the Minimal XL bathtub, with a clean format, rectangular and polished, perfectly meets people’s needs by showing a most unique minimal touch.

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