April 30, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Tahanto Middle School, Boyslton (Massachusetts)

About 600 students from high schools and secondary education have started, this year, to use the new Tahanto Regional High School facilities in the town of Boylston, belonging to the state of Massachusetts. A centre that offers the benefits of a small school, but equipped with all necessary amenities to motivate student learning.

The HMFH Architects team, responsible for this project design, received technical advice and products from PORCELANOSA Group to develop the spectacular ventilated façade that presides over this educational complex of over 20.000 square metres.

Taking advantage of the contribution to energy efficiency that Butech’s ventilated façade system  provides, covered with two Venis Ston-ker® models, the people responsible for Tahanto Middle School opted for this constructive solution from the PORCELANOSA Group’s firm.

A total of 400 square metres of ventilated façade have been covered with an irregular combination of Ston-Ker® Ferroker Caldera and Ston-Ker® Ironker Cobre ceramic stone models, both by Venis. The choice of the stone-like tile next to the metal finishes symbolizes the refurbishment process that the school has undergone, also offering a dynamic and modern image that perfectly captures the spirit of students breathing life into the building.

Butech  was responsible for the development and execution of this project in accordance with the IC ESR-3343 24.07.2014 certificate that the PORCELANOSA Group currently has for facades construction with porcelain tiles. This system allows façade designs with any of Ston-Ker® formats by Venis and Porcelanosa- and Urbatek, meeting the most demanding security requirements, waterproofing and insulation, so necessary in this type of building.

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