April 5, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Acropolis, a rural hotel with an industrial décor in Flanders

The charm of this place lies in the materials used, which include ceramic collections based on stone and wood.

The floor tiles and the wall tiles from Porcelanosa and Venis highlight the authenticity of the bathrooms and the rooms.

This hotel in Middelkerke in Belgium, mixes the rural and industrial aesthetic as a reflection of the merging cultures which has written the history of Flanders. This architectural approach has been carried out with ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles from PORCELANOSA Group.

Ceramic bathrooms inspired by classic marble

The Carrara collection by Porcelanosa leads the way in covering the floors in the bathrooms in the rooms. Belonging to HIGHKERTM Premium large size ceramics, this material recreates the texture and the marble veins with the properties of ceramic. These qualities, all together create consistent and solid surfaces which not only stand the test of time but are water resistant as well.


Disconnecting with Starwood

Starwood ceramic wood is another standout material. Inspired by natural oak and beech pieces, the rooms which incorporate the Minnesota collection are defined by their warmth and authenticity in their Moka, Honey, Cream, Camel and Ash tones.


Disconnection in the North Sea.


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